Whether it is patio heaters, fire bowls, chimeneas or gas firepits, outdoor heating has become incredibly popular amongst Brits to ensure we get the most out of our time in the garden. But it is important to ensure the safe use of these products, especially where young children or animals are concerned. Here, we have revealed our top tips for ensuring everyone is safe and happy whilst enjoying your chosen method of outdoor heating.

Gas Firepit

Read the Instruction Manual

We know that instructions can be longwinded and often in gobbledegook that is hard to understand, however, it will also contain key safety information that keeps fire risk to a minimum and ensures you will not accidentally void your warranty by setting the item up wrong.

We recommend reading the full list of contents and the whole instruction manual to ensure you have every part required before you start the assembly process. Once you are sure you have everything required, start again from page one of the instructions and follow step by step until the item is built. This will eliminate any risk of getting halfway through and realising you are missing any essential safety parts.

We also recommend that once you have finished assembling the item you familiarise yourself with all of the safety instructions and then keep the manual in a safe place to refer back to.

Place in a Safe Space

When you have assembled the item make sure you have it in a safe place. For patio heaters, we suggest nowhere with low hanging branches and not directly pressed against any furniture. For chimeneas, firepits and fire bowls we recommend that these are kept well away from fences and ensure there is a safe distance to comfortably walk around the item without coming into contact with it.


We also recommend that wherever you place your item you ensure it is on a hard, flat surface where it cannot be knocked over and always ensure that it is at least 1m away from any combustible material.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance of your outdoor heat source is vital not only for safety but to ensure the item works to its full potential and has a long lifespan. Your instruction manual should detail any cleaning or maintenance that needs to take place but here is a quick run down of some important things to do.

Gas Firepit – For your gas firepit you should make sure the pilot cover is never covered with any lava rock or crushed glass that is often used to fill the pan. You should also wipe this down regularly to free it from any soot.

Fire Bowl or Chimenea – You should regularly and safely remove any used kindling and clean the burn area from soot.

Patio Heater – Clean any debris from inside the heater if it has not been used for a while.

Gas Firepit Table

Establish Safety Rules

It is important that everyone in your household knows how to behave safely around this type of garden furniture. This is especially crucial for households with children. As adults, it is your responsibility to properly educate your children on the basics of fire safety and the safety procedures around using the item before letting them go near it. We also recommend having a procedure in place to keep any pets away from open flames.

If you follow all of these rules you will be able to safely enjoy the comfort that comes with the addition of patio heaters or outdoor firepit sets.

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