With a heatwave upon us, everyone will want to make the most of their garden and patio area. To do this, we recommend rattan garden furniture to optimise your space, create somewhere comfortable to sit, and to look stylish.

Rattan Dining Set

Rattan garden furniture is available in plenty of different styles, so, if you have the space, you can have plenty of different styles to create many areas to relax and enjoy outside. For example, a dining set in one area for enjoying family barbecues and a lounge area in another for enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing. However, the beauty about rattan furniture is that it is all incredibly comfortable so if you only have space for one set, no matter your choice you will be able to relax in comfort and style.

Rattan furniture is completely weatherproof, and this is not only brilliant in the winter, rain and snow, but also very useful in the high heats of summer. Many other forms of garden furniture such as metal get incredibly hot in the sun and therefore are very uncomfortable to sit on. Whereas, rattan garden furniture will not become hot in the sun and can be used in bright sunshine as well as cooling shade.

Additionally, rattan garden furniture is UV resistant and this means that the rattan will not fade when exposed to sunlight, unlike other furniture types such as wood which will change colour when left outside in direct sunlight. Plus, when the heat wave inevitably ends, and the rain pours down again, you will not need to store your garden furniture away as it can stay outside all year round, rain or shine.

Rattan Lounge Set

Also, rattan is available in many different colours which allows you to find furniture that matches your existing garden space or something different that truly reflects your personality. Rattan garden furniture is only growing in popularity and is at no risk of going anywhere which allows you to not only match previous purchases but means that buying matching items in the future will be easy, meaning that each summer you could add a new item to your collection if you wished.

Another great feature of rattan garden furniture is that it is incredibly durable and comes with very long warranties. This is incredibly important as when upgrading your garden, you want it to look its best. Not only will rattan add style to your garden, but it will also look new and fresh for years to come, meaning that for years you can impress friends and family with furniture that makes your garden look brand new.

Rattan Furniture with Parasol

Rattan furniture is also ideal as it matches plenty of accessories which are very useful for updating your garden set up. For example, garden parasols of all kinds, including wood and aluminium, look great with rattan furniture and many rattan dining sets will come with parasol holes as a part of their design, or will match freestanding parasols. Parasols are a necessity in the heat wave and can create cooling, welcoming shade.

Our rattan furniture sets look ideal in both modern and traditional gardens and will, therefore, help to add an upgraded look to your garden. Plus, rattan furniture is much cheaper than other materials like wood or iron and therefore an upgraded garden can be achieved even on a tight budget.

If you are considering updating your garden and would like to look at some rattan garden furniture then we have showrooms located around the UK where our rattan furniture can be viewed and tested in person.