Winter can be a tough time for any patio furniture in Britain, from bitter temperatures to damp downpours and snow showers, to harsh winter sun, your patio furniture has to endure a lot. Whether you’ve got rattan furniture, metal furniture, wood or other materials, we’ve uncovered what your furniture needs from you to survive the winter.

Weatherproof Covers

Rattan Garden Furniture

Whilst rattan patio furniture is incredibly low maintenance and barely requires any care over winter, there are still things you can do to make the furniture last longer and ensure it is ready to use in the summer. Giving rattan patio furniture a gentle wipe down with a soapy damp cloth each month in the winter will help to keep the furniture free of dirt and ensure it is ready to use in the summer.

However, if you would rather not stand in the cold wiping down your furniture the easiest solution is to cover the furniture with a weatherproof winter cover. This will prevent dirt from getting to your furniture and will allow you to use it straight away in the summer.

Protecting Metal Furniture

Metal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture will require more care in the winter as the harsh temperatures can cause rust, especially on iron furniture. Topping up the rusted spots with special protective paint throughout the winter can help the furniture to last longer, but the real key to longevity is regular cleaning.

To clean metal furniture use a little mild washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water and sponge the furniture to remove and dirt build up. We recommend storing these furniture types indoors to help protect them further but if this is not possible then regularly cleaning and rust protection is crucial.

Protecting Wood Furniture in Winter

Wood Garden Furniture

Wood furniture is often best kept indoors over winter but if this is not possible it will need a great deal of care. Do not allow your wooden furniture to sit in a puddle or on very wet grass for a long time, placing a flat stone or pebble under the legs to keep the furniture raised allows the furniture to dry out.

The furniture will need regular scrubbing to remove dirt and droppings and should be topped up with a preservative paint coating to keep the colour from fading.

If you need help and advice on how to preserve the longevity of your furniture throughout the winter, then please do not hesitate to contact us.