With the New Year approaching fast, we’re here to tell you why now is the best time to order or pre-order your garden furniture for next spring.

Why Buy Patio Furniture in Winter?

High quality, stylish garden furniture will come with a price tag, however, you know what they say “buy cheap, buy twice” so it is always worth investing those extra pennies. However, why should you spend more money than you need to? Right now is a brilliant time to buy garden furniture as it is out of season and will be heavily discounted.

Not only will the furniture be heavily discounted but its likely that your chosen items are going to be some of the first available in the spring. This means you don’t have to miss out on any of the sunshine – as rare as it is – and you won’t waste all summer waiting for your furniture to arrive.

Rattan Dining Sets

What Garden Furniture Should I Buy?

We always recommend rattan garden furniture for its weatherproof qualities, especially if you do plan to order in the winter as this means you can get the furniture in situ straight away. If the furniture arrives earlier than expected or is in stock now, rattan garden furniture is a great option as it means that you can get the items out of their boxes straight away instead of storing them until the sun comes out. This is thanks to the extreme weatherproof qualities of rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture offers many options from dining sets to sofa sets and just about everything you could need to create the ultimate outdoor space filled with areas to relax, dine and unwind in the garden.

We do recommend purchasing a weatherproof cover with your rattan furniture as this will keep your furniture free of any dirt and leave it ready to use come the spring.

Rattan Sofa Sets

When is the Best Time To Buy?

Out of season will always be the cheapest time to buy and this is the months from October-February. If you want to snap up a bargain then these are the best times to buy but remember that these might be last season’s styles and not all of the latest trends will be revealed until in-season so if you can’t find what you want, don’t settle just to save a few pennies as you may be disappointed when you see the set of your dreams in March.

The best time to buy is purely dependent on you and your circumstances. If you’re looking to buy cheaper then out of season shopping is ideal. But if your patio is not complete and you’re not sure how big you need the furniture to be then it is best to hold off.

Weatherproof Covers

Additionally, if you’re opting for a less weatherproof style like wood or metal and you don’t have anywhere to store the furniture until the nicer weather, then you are also best to hold off. However, if you’ve opted for a weatherproof design and can’t wait to use it, then buy now!

How Do I Choose The Right Furniture?

Choosing the right furniture is never easy. Make sure you do lots of research, read reviews, read product descriptions and view all of the images to make sure you have exactly what you’re looking for. Look for lengthy warranties, read material lists and always visit showrooms to test the furniture for yourself where possible.

Following those steps will allow you to choose the right furniture for you that is going to last for years to come.