We're into March now and the sun has defiantly made an appearance. Lets hope its here to stay and there is lots more on the way. Our rattan garden furniture season has well and truly started and so I thought I'd give you an update on what's selling and what's available for quick delivery. We have decided to get our stock in nice and early this year as traditionally getting hold of rattan furniture when everyone's want's it is very hard. We have to order our stock many months before it arrives into the country as it is quite labour intensive to make. One rattan dining chair takes one person, one day to weave.

Woven around aluminium frames

All our rattan garden furniture is hand woven around aluminium frames and therefore you can see that with our vast product range it is very time consuming to manufacture. We placed our orders way back in October of last year and it has already started to arrive into our warehouses. Some of the early arrivers have been discount even more than usual as this helps to keep the cash flow moving. Rattan Cube Sofa sets for example. They are now in stock in brown and at £799 will never be cheaper to buy. They have been selling well since they arrived last week and they are still available if this is the type of thing you are looking for.

Best selling rattan set

The Cube Sofa sets are the best of both worlds when it comes to deciding on whether to go for a dining set or a sofa set. With the Cube sofa you get two rattan sofa's, one square dining table, four footstools as well as glass for all those stools. The reason for the glass is that you have the option of making the footstools into coffee tables. The footstools all come with very thick cushions which means that the sit at the table nicely. Another suite that has sold well in the early part of the 2013 season is the cube set with footstools. It always seems to be a best seller and that's one of the main reasons that we arranged to get some stocks in early. Both the cube sofa and the standard cube set with footstools have the ability to be packed away neatly and I think this is why the demand is always high for these sets. Check out all out current sale items on our rattan garden furniture sale page.


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