Let's keep the suspense to a maximum and do the best selling items in reverse order... Number 5: Pescara Sun Lounger. Crazy to think that sun Loungers are selling well at the moment and to be honest they have caught us by surprise as we do not have very good stock levels at the moment. Normally sun loungers are items that sell better later no in the season but this year seems to have bucked the trend. The Pescara's are in stock at the moment in both the brown and black rattan and selling well. That said 25% of the sales for the Pescara Loungers were for people sending them off to there holiday homes in Spain. That makes a bit more sense as you can't imagine getting a great deal of use out of them in the UK at the moment. Currently available for just £399 for the pair. (incudes the cushions and a free coffee table) Number 4: Rattan storage Box A great seller all year round, the rattan storage box is a favorite for all our customers. If customer haven’t already added a rattan storage box to there original order they tend to come back to us in the winter months to purchase them.  They are great for storing away the cushions from either sofa sets or dining sets and in my own personal case we store the kids’ outdoor toys in one. Currently available for just £149 Number 3: Leon Rattan Love seat Not normally a best seller the Leon rattan love seat has snuck into the top five thanks to a large order from a commercial customer of ours. Idea for a little area in the garden that has a sun trap where you can enjoy a cup of tea or better still a glass of wine. Sale price £299. Number2:  Rattan Cube set with footstools. A year round favorite the rattan cube is both the height of fashion and the most practical set we do. The backs on the chairs all fold down and then they slide underneath the table for easy storage. Better still the footstools also slide under each chair so the whole suite can be closed into a cube. We have covers that neatly fit over the top so even in its winter hibernation stage it looks good!  Sure to gain the top selling spot at some point this summer the cube set will probably stay in the top five all year round. Currently on sale for £749 Number1: Toledo Rattan Sofa Suite In first place is Zebrano's Toledo Rattan Sofa Suite. Thanks to a favorable write up in the Daily Telegraph the Toledo Rattan sofa suite is the best selling item in January 2012. This suite has been a best seller for the last two seasons and is set to be one of our best selling sofas again this year. The suite comes with a three seater rattan sofa, one rattan arm chair, one footstool and a coffee table as well.  Contemporary, clean lines mean that this suite is both minimal in design and classy in looks. The Toledo is is both practical and best of all great value. Currently on sale for £599.