Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Sets.

Rattan Corner Sets are always a hot topic whenever anyone comes into the showroom. Often people are actually coming in to view a rattan dining set or maybe even a sofa set but then their eyes are taken by the corner suites and the decision making process has to start all over again!

Everyone knows that a rattan garden table and chairs is no new thing and have been available for many years now so often people are looking for something that’s just a little different.  Initially they come in to look at the standard two seater or three seater sofa sets but then when they view one of our rattan corner sets their imagination kicks in.

So why are rattan corner sets proving to be so popular for new buyers? Here are our top five advantages of Rattan Corner Sets.

In no particular order…….

1)   Practicality.

All gardens have corners and often they are a bit of a waste of space. Its difficult to put a table and chairs in the corner as you are forever moving chairs to let people out or shoving the table in the corner to create space elsewhere.  Corners are hot spots for planters and sheds!

If it’s in the garden then sheds are often lumped into the far corners.  If we are talking about the patio then planters are more then likely to be found in the corners. What if you could turn these corners into seating areas and create a whole new view of your home?

The view of your home and garden from the far end of the garden is something you rarely see. I mean you are always looking at it from the other angle. Take a moment to walk down the end of the garden and then look back at the house.

The point is that from a practical point of view the rattan corner sofa is great. You can actually have quite a large corner sofa taking up not very much room at all. Because the sofa backs into a corner you do not require any walking room around the back like you would with a table and chairs.  Practically speaking the corner suite is king!

2)   Flexibility

The rattan corner sofa has many different configurations and can therefore be very flexible.  Take the Chelsea corner sofa with armchair shown here.  The Chelsea is made up of eight separate elements and can be arranged in numerous ways to suit your needs. With a little imagination you can have a different set up for everyday of the week.

Chelsea rattan corner sofa

3)   Aesthetics.

They look great!  Sounds simple but the fact of the matter is that rattan corner sofa sets look stunning. More people would have corner sofas inside if the room layout permitted.  They are great looking pieces of furniture and really give the area a feel of class and sophistication.  When situated on patios just outside homes, corner suites really lend themselves to the whole alfresco living dream so many of us have.

4)   Value.

It’s never all about the money but it sure helps when making a decision on which way to go. If I had a pound for every time I had a conversation about whether to go for a rattan sofa set or a dining set I would be a rich man!  Whenever I have this debate I try to establish if the area the customer is trying to fill can handle two sets.  By that I mean a sofa suite and a dining suite.  If the answer is no then the customer is left with the dilemma of which way to turn.  In situations such as this the answer is nearly always a rattan corner sofa.

Check out the Cambridge Corner sofa dining set for the best of both worlds.

This suite fits the bill for both dining and relaxing and is nearly always the sofa of choice when you are in-between minds.

Cambridge rattan corner sofa

5)   Comfort.

Last and probably the most import facture of all…..comfort. There is no point buying something that is not comfortable to use. It’s all very well that corner sets look great and are both practical in nature as well as in price, the real test is whether or not they are comfortable.

In the case of the corner sofa you are guaranteed comfort due to the flexibility of the furniture. Because you can rearrange the configuration of the sofas you can turn your corner sofa into a dining table if dining comfort is required or kick back and soak up the sun by stretching out full length with your feet up.  The best of both worlds!


So what are you waiting for? We have an unbeatable 20% off January sale on right now and some stunning rattan garden corner sofas ready for the heat wave of 2017 to start! Pop down to one of our rattan showrooms or give us a call if you require any further information. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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