In the UK, our climate does not permit for real rattan to be a durable and sustainable resource for garden furniture. Authentic rattan will rot in damp conditions and therefore cannot be left outside all year round in a damp, cold winter like Britain suffers.

Authentic Rattan Damaged in UK Climate

So, synthetic rattans have been developed using plastic materials to ensure more durable resistance against our harsh climate. The best of these materials is PE or HDPE as it is not only extremely pliable and flexible, great for making furniture, but it is also 100% weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without weather damage.

HDPE synthetic rattan will not crack or go brittle when exposed to our coldest temperatures and though some minimal sagging may occur in extremely high temperatures, the rattan will return to normal once cool, meaning that it is never damaged. This rattan has been tested in +40° and -20° temperatures, to ensure that it can withstand drastic weather conditions.

HDPE Flat Weave Rattan

This material is not only extremely durable, but it is also cheaper when compared to authentic rattan. This means that you can get long-lasting, weatherproof furniture for a great price that you are happy to pay.

Synthetic plastic rattan is also a much more sustainable material and much less damaging for the environment. Authentic rattan is created from harvested rattan cane trees, with many thousands being cut down each year to produce this furniture. PE or polyethylene is a common plastic that is built to last. Plus, this material can be liquified, remoulded and subsequently recycled which makes it much more environmentally friendly.

HDPE Half Round Weave

HDPE rattan is commonly made with powder coated aluminium frames which creates a fully weatherproof piece of furniture which can be left outside all year round with no damage to the frame or the rattan.

Synthetic, plastic rattan is available in many different styles, for example flat weave – which is the most popular style, half round weave – which is a more durable option, and full rod weave – which is the heaviest and most durable of all the styles. Because PE liquifies when it reaches its boiling point, this allows the material to be moulded into several different styles and shapes which is why many different furniture styles are available.

HDPE Full Rod Rattan

Synthetic rattan is also available in many different colours, not just the natural colour of authentic rattan. This gives you more freedom to reflect your personality and style choices in your garden. Just to name a few colours, you can choose from brown, grey, green, white wash, black, and willow.

We believe that HDPE synthetic rattan is the best synthetic rattan material on the market which is why all of our rattan furniture is made from this weatherproof material. If you would like to see our furniture in person, to test the quality or measure up, then you can visit any of our showrooms, located across the UK.