Whilst all of our rattan garden furniture is completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without a cover, many people like to have the added protection of a weatherproof cover as well. Here’s everything you need to know about covering your rattan furniture:

Garden Furniture Covers

A Cover That Fits

Picking a cover that fits your set is crucial. One that’s too small is not going to cover your furniture and one that’s too big could potentially blow off in the wind, leaving your furniture unprotected again. If you don’t know the dimensions of your furniture we recommend either trying to find out online or contacting the retailer you bought your furniture from for further information.

Your furniture may have to be rearranged for the cover to fit but the retailer will be able to provide you details of how the furniture should be placed for the cover to go over the pieces. The cover should be a snug fit and should secure to your furniture to keep it attached.

All of our garden furniture covers come with eyelets and drawstrings which wrap around the furniture to keep the cover secure.

Waterproof Design

Many covers are only waterproof against a light shower or drizzle. Our garden furniture covers are PVC-backed polyester, treated with a specialised Weathertex formula which causes water to bead and repel. The water will run off of the cover, leaving your furniture completely dry and ready to use.

Waterproof Garden Cover

Remove all Cushions

Garden furniture covers are only designed to protect the furniture and not the cushions. We suggest all cushions are removed before attaching your cover. If you leave your cushions underneath they will not be able to “breathe” and this will cause damp and mildew to form on the cushions.

Winter Ready

Although your rattan garden furniture does not need to be covered at all, at any point in the year, these covers are designed for winter use to add an extra layer of protection against prolonged periods of bad weather.

However, if your furniture is in an area near trees where leaves, pollen or bird mess can regularly coat the furniture you may want to use the cover all year round. This will keep your furniture clean and ready to use immediately.

Garden Furniture Cover Dimensions

Protection Against All Weathers

You don’t just want your cover to protect your furniture against rain and damp, your cover should also protect your furniture from UV rays, cold weather conditions and dirt. Additionally, you want your cover itself to be protected from these elements. The last thing you want is your cover fading due to sun exposure and becoming an eyesore when over your furniture.

Zebrano Garden Furniture Covers

Our garden furniture covers are designed by Nova Outdoor Living. We have worked closely with Nova to ensure the covers are fully weatherproof, long-lasting and fit our furniture perfectly. Our covers come in a handy carry bag, which is great for storage. Plus, the drawstrings and eyelets help to securely fasten the covers to the furniture.

If you need help deciding which cover is right for your garden furniture, then please don’t hesitate to contact us as our knowledgeable sales advisors will be able to find the perfect cover for you.