The Versatility of our rattan garden cube sofa set.

This years new best seller is set to be the rattan garden cube sofa set. The rattan garden cube set has been a best seller for the last five years but the sofa cube is new this year. The rattan sofa set combines the great attributes and versatility of the rattan cubes with the practical advantages of having a ready made dining and sofa suite at the same time.

The rattan cube has been so popular that we even have one in our garden. Better then this, our next door neighbours has one and now the neighbour further up the road is thinking about getting one! Even my mum has brought into the idea of the rattan cube this year. She went for the Winchester rattan cube set which suits her garden more as its very english country garden. The winchester collection really suites these types of gardens and has taken over from the teak garden furniture that was so popular. The beauty with the rattan is that it can be left outdoors all year round and will look brand new the following year.

Our favourite cube this year is our rattan garden sofa set cube. It is so versatile! It can be used just like a cube in that you can sit round the table, eat your meal put your feet up on the footstools or use them as extra seating. The beauty with the cube sofa set is that you can also move the table out of the way and arrange yourself a great contemporary seating area with the two sofa's and footstool to entertain friends for drinks. You can use two of the footstools as side tables still giving you seating for six but now with the use of 2 side tables or push them together to provide you with a coffee table! Now that's what you call versatile!