Wedding season is upon us and if you one or several weddings to attend this year, you might be stuck for gift ideas. Well, we believe that whether you want to gift big or small, there is a garden furniture gift for every happy couple.

June is traditionally the most popular month to get married. This stems from many reasons, one being the Celtic calendar, On May 1st young couples would pair off to court for 3 months and then be wed on the next Cross-Quarter Day, August 1st. However, with youths being impatient the waiting period was shortened to mid-June. Plus, with the weather typically better in June, it’s easy for guests to travel to a wedding.

With June still proving to be the most popular wedding month, we’re sure you have a wedding or two to attend this month and possibly throughout the rest of the summer. Well, if you need some spectacular gift ideas, we think that garden furniture might be the way to go (providing you know the couple has a garden or balcony).

Garden furniture, in particular rattan garden furniture, makes a great gift because it is long-lasting and low maintenance. No couple wants a gift they have to invest their time in, that’s not a gift, that’s work! Because rattan is so long-lasting it is likely it will be able to move with the couple as their life evolves and if their family grows, they can add matching furniture to their existing set. Additionally, its lightweight nature allows the couple to move it from location to location with ease.

Here, we have recommended our top picks from the garden furniture world that make excellent wedding gifts.

A Love Seat

The classic love seat designed for two people to share space outdoors. A typical love seat is two seating areas joined by a coffee table in the middle, allowing the happy couple to sit together, enjoying the outdoors and sharing a bottle of wine or a pot of tea together.

Love seats are often made from wood or rattan. We recommend rattan if you have the choice, not only is it more comfortable, it is more weather resistant, requires less maintenance and is much easier to move around.

Rattan Love Seat

A Bistro Set

Similar to the love seat, a bistro set is specifically designed for two. However, the chairs are not joined together, and you get a dining table instead of a small coffee table area. This is the perfect set for couples with limited garden space or balconies.

Rattan Bistro Set

A Rattan Daybed

If you’re feeling extra generous a rattan daybed would make a stunning gift for any couple. As opposed to a sun lounger where you spend time outdoors alone, a daybed has space for two people to relax together.

Rattan daybeds are fully weatherproof and can be left outside all year round, meaning their largeness never becomes a problem because it never needs to be moved or stored away.

Rattan Daybed

A Fire Pit

What’s more romantic than staring at one another across the flicker of gentle flames? By gifting the newlyweds a fire pit or fire bowl they will be able to enjoy this in the comfort of their own garden, not just on honeymoon.

We recommend a GRC gas fire pit table for a gift that is simple to use and creates gentle pleasant flames as opposed to a coal or log burner that is often very smoky and can be tricky to use.

Fire Pit

Solar Lights

If you’re looking for a smaller garden furniture gift, solar lights are the way to go. Solar lights come in plenty of shapes and sizes. From plain colours to novelty lighting, they make a fun gift. Some heart shaped lights would be really on theme or some nice bright path lights to light their way home.

Solar Lights

If you need help choosing a wedding gift for the happy couple, contact us and we will be happy to put forward some suggestions that match your budget and requirements.