Why should you stop using your garden in the winter? Sure, it’s cold and rainy so you might not want to use it as often but there’s no need to stop using it altogether! With our top garden furniture picks for winter you can enjoy the outdoors even throughout the colder months.

As mentioned in our previous blog post “Zebrano Recommends Spending More Time with Family” spending time outdoors is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. During the winter lots of us suffer from “winter related blues”, according to the NHS website, seasonal depression is a very real issue and according to a previous report in the Independent over half (57 percent) of adults say their mood is worse during the winter season compared to the summer.

One way to help with those winter blues is to spend time outdoors. According to the NHS outdoor activity or exercising outdoors will have a double benefit because you will see some daylight. So, in order to help you enjoy the outdoors this winter, we’ve revealed our top 5 garden furniture ideas for spending time outdoors in the colder months:

1. Patio Heater

A patio heater is a brilliant heating solution for the outdoors. Our electric patio heaters generate a huge heat area covered which means, whether you opt for a tabletop heater or a freestanding heater, and whether you’re sat on a dining table or corner sofa set you will feel the benefit of that heater.

Electric Patio Heater

2. Fire Pit Casual Dining Table

You don’t want to spend too long outdoors in the winter so you won’t want a formal dining table, instead a casual dining table offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a meal or just a drink outdoors. With our range of fire pit casual dining tables, you will be able to keep warm and stay outdoors for longer thanks to the warming fire.

2.	Fire Pit Casual Dining Table

3. Fire Pit Coffee Table

If you already have an outdoor sofa set and don’t want/need to purchase a new one, a gas fire pit coffee table can be the perfect accompaniment to your existing set and allow you to stay outdoors for longer, again thanks to those warming flames.

3.	Fire Pit Coffee Table

4. Garden Furniture Covers

You’re unlikely to use your furniture if it is dirty or wet, so to avoid this and allow you to use your garden furniture whenever you want to throughout the winter a garden furniture cover is the perfect solution to keep your furniture free from dirt or water.

Weatherproof Cover

5. Storage Bag/Box

Even if you are still using your garden furniture throughout winter you will need to store your cushions away between uses. During the summer it is fine to leave your cushions outside as they can survive a light shower, but during the winter those downpours are much more frequent and much heavier which could damage your cushions permanently. With a cushion storage bag or box, you can store the cushions safely away and get them out when needed.

5.	Storage Bag/Box

A top tip when considering garden furniture for the winter: We always recommend rattan garden furniture. This is because rattan garden furniture is completely weatherproof. The rattan itself is very durable and can withstand freezing temperatures without snapping or going brittle and the aluminium framework will not rust even in damp conditions. This means that you won’t have to store the furniture away between uses, making rattan garden furniture the ideal furniture for use during the winter.