There are only a few varieties of furniture that could be used anywhere in the house. One such example is our Emerald Rattan Sofa Garden Daybed. The sofa is an example of innovation by Zebrano Garden Furniture. The sofa cum day bed looks like a sofa once and bed the next moment. All needed to be done is to either push the back support further back to make it a sofa. Some of the significant features of the Emerald Rattan Sofa Garden Daybed are shown below: Three in one sofa, allowing it to become a garden daybed, double lounger or a sofa, as per requirement. Easy to move, and completely assembled when delivered. Cushions are zipped; hence, the covers are easily washable. Retractable footstools, underneath the sofa. There are side tables attached to both the arms of the sofa. They are easy to pullout and could be locked when not in use. These features mean that this sofa could be used in either of the categories mentioned above. The side tables give it a more luxurious look and at the same time make it more convenient to have tea on the sofa. The footstools make it easier to be used as a day bed. The physical features of the Garden Daybed are: The height of the sofa reaches up to 1 meter when used as a lounger Width is 2.1 meter, accommodating two cushions or either side Depth, including the footstool goes up to 1.9 meter The lounger cum day bed is available in two colors black rattan or brown, with beige cushions giving a contrast combination. The Emerald Rattan Sofa Garden Daybed is a perfect solution if you are looking for something that could be used as a sofa for guests, or as a casual day bed for you to relax.