Dining outdoors with friends and family isn’t just a fun pastime to enjoy on the weekends or during the summer holidays, it could in fact benefit your health and social wellbeing, according to recent studies.

4 Seat Round Dining Set

If you ever needed an excuse to invite all of your loved ones over for a barbecue in the sunshine, then this is it. New research from the University of Oxford has revealed that the more often people eat with others, the more likely they are to feel happy and satisfied with their lives.

The results of the study found that communal eating increases social bonding and feelings of wellbeing as well as highlighting that those who eat socially are more likely to feel better about themselves.

This, combined with the fact that sunlight increases your serotonin levels, making you feel happier, means that dining outdoors with your friends and family is a wonderful way to increase your happiness and emotional wellbeing.

Plus, with a healthy dose of Vitamin D from the sun being great for increasing happiness and important for your general health, al fresco dining with your friends and family is a sure-fire way to make you feel good.

8 Seat Rectangular Dining Set

With communal dining outdoors being a great way to increase happiness, you’ll need a space to welcome your friends and family to dine al fresco. Our range of rattan dining sets are the perfect place to dine outdoors, available in a range of shapes and sizes there is something for every group to enjoy and something to suit every garden space.

If you would prefer to keep your dining experience to your family of 4 then we recommend a 4 seat round dining set, perfect for sharing food and enjoying plenty of chatter and laughter. However, if you want to invite guests or have a larger family, then we recommend a 6 seat or 8 seat dining set. If you have the space, then a rectangular dining set is great for these communal dining experiences.

Casual Dining Set

For even larger parties, a 10 seat round dining set is ideal. The round dining set allows you to see all of your guests and does not limit your conversation to those next to you. Plus, the round table makes it easy to share food and drink, with everything being within easy reach.

If you’re looking for something entirely different, then a casual dining set is the perfect combination of relaxing space and dining space. The casual dining set usually combines a sofa set or a corner sofa with a smaller dining table. This offers plenty of space to sit with friends, chat and bask in the sunshine and also dine in style and comfort.

With so many styles of al fresco dining spaces available, there is plenty of choice for enjoying the sunshine and communal dining to help keep you happy.

All of these dining sets are available to view and test in our showrooms.