With the summer beginning to wind-down and Autumn weather in sight, we have revealed this year’s hot list of the best garden furniture products for autumn 2020.

A Firepit Table

Firepit Tables

The number 1 thing you need to be able to enjoy your garden regularly throughout the autumn is a firepit table. If you opt for a firepit coffee table you will be able to regularly enjoy drinks outdoors and enjoy some of Autumn’s best events like Halloween and bonfire night, outdoors whilst still keeping warm.

If you go for a dining or casual dining table with a firepit table, not only will you be able to enjoy drinks outdoors but you will be able to continue your favourite summer pastime of dining al fresco into the cooler months, too.

Our firepit tables are all gas operated and this is the best option when compared to burning wood or coal firepits as there is no smoke that obscures your vision and no awful smoky smell that clings to your clothes.

A Storage Box

Whilst some garden furniture like the firepit tables mentioned above will allow you to use your garden furniture throughout the autumn, there is no doubt that you will be using your furniture less throughout these months. Therefore, keeping your garden furniture cushions protected from the elements but still in easy reach for when you do use your furniture is important.

Large Rattan Storage Box

A rattan storage box is a great solution as you can choose a colour to match your furniture, keeping it within the style and appearance of your garden and they are easy to get in and out of. If you don’t have the room for a rattan storage box, then we recommend a storage bag instead which can be kept in the shed or garage.

Garden Furniture Cover

Another great autumn accessory is a weatherproof garden furniture cover. This handy cover will keep your furniture dry and ready to use as well as keeping it clean from falling autumn leaves and sap. This is brilliant if you are planning on regularly using your furniture throughout autumn but equally brilliant if you are planning just to keep it under the cover until next spring.

Weatherproof Covers

Please note, even when buying a cover, you will still need to remove the garden furniture cushions and store these indoors.

A Rattan Cube Set

A rattan cube set is a firm summer favourite, but it really comes into its own in the autumn. This is because of the ability to fully tuck the chairs under the table and create extra garden space when not in use.

Cube Set

This is incredibly handy when you’re planning events like Bonfire parties, fireworks or Halloween parties in your back garden. It gives all of your guests somewhere to sit and eat and chat but also you can create extra space when the party really gets going or you plan to let off fireworks or start a bonfire.

Modular Corner Sofas

In the same way that cube sets can be tucked away to create extra space, modular corner sofas can be rearranged to create different setups allowing for extra space if needs be or being adjusted to fit in different areas.

Again, this is perfect for autumn parties! Pair this with a coffee table firepit as mentioned above and it will be the perfect autumnal garden furniture.

Modular Corner Sofas

If you’re planning on buying new garden furniture for the autumn months, this is a perfect time to do so as there are still plenty of occasions to enjoy your outdoor space, as mentioned above.

We always recommend rattan garden furniture for this period of the year – and for all year round – as it is a fully weatherproof material that can be left outside year round with virtually no maintenance required.