What I like with this 10 seater Cadiz rattan furniture dining set is the open opportunity to have some relatives, friends or neighbors to sit equally and share stories while enjoying dinner.  The great style and finest quality of this dining set could make any of your dinner parties the place to be.  No matter summer or spring, this dining suit remains the best choice. The rattan garden dining set is designed to withstand any weather conditions throughout the year. Once you have this set, it will comprise of: •    1 x 1800 diameter Round rattan table •    10 x Cadiz rattan armchairs •    10 x Beige seat cushions •    1 x Beige parasol with an aluminum pole For the color, it is available in brown only at the moment but give us a call in the new year as Black and Grey may well be available. We really love the brown color because it really suits almost any delicacy served on the round rattan table. European food,  Oriental culinary, or any others would look so special. During the recent national Chocolate Week, for instance, you would have seen how the two items – the chocolate and the dining sets – could match one to another.  This may be taking colour matching a little far mind you! It’s not only about the color, this is a cracker for entertaining.  As you will of heard me say many times, round tables are the best when it comes to socializing.  Conversation flows when everyone has eye contact and on round tables eye contact is easy to make. Why not add a glass lazy suzy to the table to add a bit of oriental bling to the suite? National Chocolate Week has ended, but other great moments are coming up. One of them is the London Wine Show that will be held at Olympia, Hammersmith Road next months.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some wines from all around the world.  Having said that I am on a juicing diet at the moment so not supposed to touch alcohol.  Mind you wine is basically crushed grapes isn’t it?  Our 10 seater Cadiz rattan furniture dining set will be waiting to host another party when you are ready to pop the cork.