Rattan makes incredible garden furniture because of its weatherproof nature and durability, but what’s to say this furniture is exclusively for garden use. In this blog, we will outline the reasons we believe rattan furniture works just as well indoors as it does outdoors.

Indoor Rattan Furniture

1. Rattan furniture is easy to maintain. Unlike a fabric sofa, if you spill something on your rattan furniture you won’t have to panic. Rattan can be cleaned easily with a gentle wipe over, ideal for those with children or pets.

2. Synthetic rattan is ideal for conservatories. This is because conservatories can get very hot, making leather unbearable to sit on and wood or other materials fall apart. Synthetic rattan is robust and UV resistant, making it fade resistant as well as comfortable to sit on in high heat.

3. Using matching furniture both indoors and out allows you to bring the garden indoors and let the house spill out into the garden, not only does the matching furniture look great but it also gives the illusion of extra space.

4. ‘Garden’ furniture is ideal for homes that are pushed for space. Synthetic rattan is light weight and easy to move, this means that you can move your furniture outside in the summer and back indoors in the winter, ideal if you don’t want to try and find space to put the furniture away in winter.

Indoor Rattan Furniture

5. Speaking of winter, rattan furniture is ideal to be left outside all year round, so if you do move your furniture outdoors and it’s caught in a downpour or frost and snow, this will not ruin your furniture and will not stop you from bringing it indoors again.

6. Using the same furniture indoors and out ties your home and garden together effortlessly.

7. If you get bored of your chosen look, rattan furniture is easy to dress up with different cushions and throws, completely changing the look and feel of both your garden and home.

8. Rattan garden furniture is comfortable, stylish and long-lasting, what everyone is looking for from indoor furniture!

For advice on both indoor & outdoor rattan furniture please contact us or visit us in store.