As summer progresses it seems that we need more and more “stuff”. From paddling pools to parasols, to barbecues, to garden furniture, to kids’ toys, to footballs and goals, to picnic blankets and outdoor games, it seems like all of these items take over the garden that you’ve spent all spring trying to get ready for summer. So, we’ve revealed some great storage tips to keep your garden usable.

Clear out the Shed

Clear Out the Shed

If you have a shed, odds are it’s full to the brim and you don’t even know what with. First things first is to have a clear out and make that trip to the tip you’ve been putting off since Christmas! Once you’ve thrown out all of the junk, there will be space in there to store items like parasols and paddling pools.

To improve the storage space in your shed, make sure you have suitable shelving and maybe even hang some hooks in there, this is a great way to store a paddling pool without having to put it down and fold it up, simply hang it up until the next use – just be careful to get rounded hooks that aren’t going to burst it!

Storage Boxes

Rattan Storage Box

If you’ve got hundreds of kids’ toys lying around or you have garden furniture and the cushions need to be stored away, then the ideal solution is a storage box. There are plenty of types of storage box, but our favourite is a rattan storage box, particularly if you have rattan garden furniture. This is because it will blend in with your garden and look like part of the furniture, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

A large storage box can even fit bikes and larger items in, keeping them out of the way and protected from dirt and rain. It is important to bear in mind that most rattan storage boxes are not fully waterproof and if you want to ensure that cushions etc. are kept fully dry then we recommend purchasing a weatherproof cover to go over the top of the storage box.

Storage Bags

If you don’t have space in your garden for a storage box, then a storage bag is another solution. Gather up all of the things you need to tidy away, pop them in the storage bag and then you can either leave that storage bag outside, or keep it out of site inside the house or in the shed.

Storage Bag

Old Wheelie Bins

If you’ve got an old dustbin or wheelie bin, give it a clean out and put it at the back of the garden, fill it with toys and hey-presto you have an easy storage solution that allows the kids to grab what they need and put it back themselves with ease.

Garden Furniture with Built-in Storage

Some garden furniture items have built-in storage solution. For example, some sofa pieces lift up to house items underneath or some dining tables have doors to store things inside. If you are limited by space, it’s a good idea to search for these style garden furniture items to keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

These helpful summer storage ideas will hopefully help you keep your garden tidy and user friendly, whilst also protecting your items for use next year, too.