At Zebrano, we predict that this summer is going to be a grey one. Don’t worry we’re not talking about the weather! This year’s summer forecast is that grey garden furniture is going to be hot, hot, hot.

Grey garden furniture, in particular, grey rattan garden furniture, has been rising in popularity over the last few years and this year proves to be the hottest yet. Grey rattan furniture is in high demand thanks to its modern look and feel. Brown rattan is the most traditional rattan furniture colour but since grey rattan has been introduced to the market it has offered a more modern take on a traditional concept. Grey rattan looks stunning in both a traditional and a modern garden set up and is therefore very versatile. So, should you update your garden in the future, your grey rattan will still fit in and never look out of place.

Grey Rattan Casual Dining Set

Since grey rattan was introduced, black rattan has nearly died out. This may be because, compared to this darker option, grey rattan looks sleek and contemporary. This makes grey furniture the ideal choice for new builds and freshly landscaped gardens.

Typically, grey rattan comes with grey coloured cushions which complete the look and keep up the colour theme throughout the garden. However, if you feel this looks too dark you can always inject some colour with some bright coloured scatter cushions and a matching parasol. Unlike brown, every colour matches grey perfectly, so you are free to choose any colour you want, bright, pastel or dark.

There are many variants of grey coloured rattan furniture, from the lighter whitewash shade which mixes strong whites and greys together, to a dark two-toned grey. So, no matter what your preference there is a grey for every mood.

Grey Rattan Garden Furniture

The most popular grey rattan furniture sets are predicted to be casual dining sets, which have also risen in popularity over the last few years. Casual dining combines both lounging and al fresco dining to create garden furniture that not only looks stylish but also offers space for all your friends and family to relax and lounge as well as dine in the sunshine. Combining these two pastimes creates a truly relaxed atmosphere that looks even better when you choose the most popular colour too.

Additionally, with grey being such a popular colour, more and more products and accessories are going to be developed in this colour. This means that should you purchase a dining set now and in the future wish to add sun loungers or perhaps some rattan planters to your garden you are sure to find furniture that matches your existing set.

The reason that it is grey rattan, in particular, that is so popular is due to the weatherproof qualities of the furniture making it virtually maintenance free. Rattan furniture can be left outside all year round, in all weather conditions, without any weather damage. So, no matter whether it is grey this summer or hot all summer long, you can leave your furniture outside and never have to worry.

Choosing your grey garden furniture has never been easier with Zebrano as we offer a wide selection online as well as several showrooms for you to visit and handpick your grey rattan furniture and accessories. Feel free to visit us or contact us for advice on all of our rattan garden furniture.