We had to make a choice a few years ago between staying small or going big in terms of staff and overhead.  We made the concuss decision to remain as small as possible not only to keep a tight control of the finances but also because we felt it gave us the competitive advantage that had driven the business up to that point.  In the early years of teak garden furniture exhibitions we were literally a two man band that had a great products and great customer services.  We didn’t sell vast volumes but we personally delivered every piece of furniture and if there was ever a problem we would be straight back round to resolve it. As time went on we grew and more and more people wanted our products and we ended up moving to larger premises and ultimately into a huge showroom.  Sadly this large showroom was nearly the death of us!  It looked great but the cold hard truth was that to go forward from there meant that we needed to expand that showroom to similar showrooms all over the UK.  The cost would be astronomical but provided the staff were as good as us all would be great.  Thankfully we went against this as each time we walked into one of the big furniture chains or sofa shop we thought they were dreadful. We found these nation wide furniture showrooms bland and very much the same wherever you went.  The staff often seemed uninterested or in some cases a bit too interested and wouldn’t leave you alone.   To be honest I am delighted that we chose the route of the internet and kept things small and efficient in the office.  We still hit big sales figures and are in fact the number one rattan garden furniture website on Google which is no mean feet.  Despite this we are still small and still in touch with our customers.  Coming on the next blog is how we maintain the high sales while staying small.