I have been inspired to write this blog today, as when I popped out this morning I was absolutely delighted to see what a beautiful day it was. We have had a few days recently where I could feel spring in the air but I think today is a beauty! Spring is definitely coming. Spring makes me think about garden jobs I need to get on with and what seeds I need to sow. To be honest this is more a list for myself but I thought I would share it with you. cutting-back-bushes The days are getting longer and those extra few hours of daylight encourage me to get out in the garden and get it ready for summer. There is a lot to do this month if the weather allows and you will be glad you did this preparation, as your garden will look glorious come the summer. Jobs to do list. Seven jobs for a garden spring clean:

  • First things first, tidy the garden. Chop back trees and shrubs before the leaves appear. It really is the best time to chop back the branches as you can see what to cut without leaves everywhere and even better the branches take up less room in your green bin without all those leaves. If your trees and shrubs are pruned back nicely they will produce more leaves and flowers, it will support more growth on the remaining branches. Not only does it benefit the tree or bush but also it will benefit you. There is nothing better than getting outside on a sunny yet chilly spring day like today to get some fresh air, exercise while achieving a good looking garden. Its win win all round.

rake the grass

  • Sow the seed! I spent the weekend sowing my lettuce, radish, beetroot, salad onions, broad beans and peas in the green house ready to move outside during the warmer months. If you don't have a green house you can sow the seeds and put on your kitchen windowsill or conservatory.tray of seeds
  • Feed them up! Another Job on my list is to feed some of my plants some slow-release organic fertiliser. I will prune them back and give them a good feed. This will not only feed the plants but also will stop weeds appearing and also insulate the roots if we have any more frosty nights. I'm sure that my pot plants will also appreciate some fresh soil and fertiliser. Looks like I have a busy week ahead of me in the garden!
  • Plant your hanging baskets. You can pick up some inexpensive trays of busy Lizzies and the like to provide colour in the garden all through the summer.
  • Freshen up the lawn. Give your lawn the once over with a spring-bok rake to pull off any unwanted moss before applying some feed. Try a high-nitrogen feed that includes iron phosphate that will kill of the moss. Don't forget to clip the edges to give that perfect finish.
  • Bring out the jet wash. Actually I may get my husband to do this today. He loves the jet wash! The Jet wash and the BBQ are the only two things that he seems to have any interest in while in the garden. The jet wash gets rid of all the algae and moss that seems to cling to the paving slabs and brings them up like new. jet wssh the patio
  • Clean out the gutters! That's another job for the other half. Not his favourite job. It doesn't look that high from the ground but when you are touching the roof and have a little glance down it sure feels high. It's a job well done though and will stop any blockages and potential problems from being caused.

Gutter-Cleaning So that little list should get you started! While I was in the garden this weekend I noticed the birds. It's so lovely to get out in the garden and hear the birds singing again. We take little things like this for granted but after a winter of being cooped up in the house the birdsong brings a welcome smile to my face. So don't forget to feed the birds. It's this time of year that they really need a good feed as food from autumn is low and spring is yet to yield its fruits. Hang on a minute, have I forgotten to mention the garden furniture! Last but by no means least is your garden furniture! If you cover your furniture get the cover off! It's time to enjoy those spring days, clean down the furniture and fluff up your cushions. If you have some Zebrano Rattan garden furniture you wont need to do anything but clean off the odd bit of bird poop! It should look good as new for another year!

spring has sprung

So get out there and enjoy your gardens. Get active and prune, chop and plant. Feed your plants the birds and of course yourself! Why not enjoy your first cuppa tea and sandwich on your garden furniture while listening to the birds singing. Spring is such a wonderful time of year so lets all get out there and enjoy it. Happy Spring Everyone x


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