Spring is on the way and with it will come warmer days that are perfect for enjoying some time outdoors in the garden. If you’ve left your garden furniture unattended since last summer, we recommend the following top tips for cleaning your rattan garden furniture.

How To Clean Rattan Chairs & Sofas?

Rattan furniture is extremely low maintenance and does not require much care, however, to keep it looking fresh and as good as new after a winter unattended, there are some things you can do to clean your rattan chairs and sofa pieces.

We recommend tipping the chair or sofa piece to encourage any dirt, leaves or debris to fall from the chair to the floor. For pieces of dirt that have become stuck between the rattan strands we recommend using a toothbrush to get in between the strands and gently loosen these.

Rattan Sofa Pieces

If there are other marks such as bird droppings, the best thing to do is to clean with a damp cloth or soft bristle brush that is damp with warm soapy water. Once all dirt has been removed you should wipe over with a dry cloth in order to rid the furniture of any soapy residue.

You should not use any harsh cleaning products such as bleach on your rattan furniture, nor should you use a pressure washer as this will be too powerful and could cause lasting damage.

How To Clean Rattan Garden Tables?

Rattan Dining Tables

Cleaning the rattan part of the table will be the same as the above. For the tempered glass top, again we recommend using lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth. To get rid of any smudges have a rag handy and wipe in circular motions. Alternatively, you could use glass cleaner to achieve the same effect.

How To Clean Garden Furniture Cushions?

You should always store your garden furniture cushions indoors throughout the winter months and when they are not in use, however, if you have left your cushions outdoors you may find that they are stained and dirty.

Plenty of garden furniture cushions can be cleaned in the washing machine. Simply unzip the covers and wash on a low heat, we recommend 30 degrees. Never tumble dry the covers as they will shrink. Always hang on the line and leave to dry naturally.

Weatherproof Covers

If you cannot remove the cushion covers, you can hand wash the covers whilst they remain on the cushions and leave outdoors to dry completely.

How To Protect Your Rattan Furniture?

You can protect your rattan furniture from further dirt and debris and also reduce how often you need to clean your furniture with the aid of a protective, weatherproof cover. The cover will catch any dirt or debris, leaving the furniture underneath clean and tidy and allow you to simply remove the cover when you want to use your garden furniture.

You should never leave your garden furniture cushions under a cover as they will sweat, and this will cause mould which will not wash out of the covers. However, if you do not have space to store the cushions indoors, we recommend a cushion storage bag or box.

An added cover will help reduce the maintenance needed for rattan garden furniture to the bare minimum and make garden use much more enjoyable.