When our customers arrive at our showroom they are usually pleasantly surprised to find our office nestled within a farm courtyard surrounded by 600 year old barns. These barns contain our furniture and rather than the faceless corporate giants they often see when purchasing on retail estates these days they are faced with a small family business.

I say pleasantly surprises as they often think that due to the size and scale of our website as well as our huge stock holding that we may well be one of these corporate giants. In fact this could not be further from the truth. We do have huge stock holdings and we do deliver to every part of the UK every week but we are far from a faceless large business.

The customers that take the trouble to come to our showroom you will invariably meet the one of the owners. You are not met by salesmen who don't care for the business they are in but instead you are met with the only three or on some day's four members of staff which will include both me and my wife.

The advantages are that once your customers have met you they can put a face to the voice on the end of the phone. They know that when they phone they can nearly always get through to the same person that sold them the set. This builds up trust and understanding both from the customer's point of view as well as from our point of view.

If there are any problems with the sales process our customers tend to be more understanding because they know it is a small business and from our point of view we work our hardest to provide that excellent customer care because of the size of the business. If we don't do a good job then our customers let us know and it reaches the top in a matter of seconds! Nobody likes to hear of any negative feedback so if we ever get any we take it to heart and try to resolve things quickly and to the satisfaction of our customers. The question is how does such a small company process the volume of sale we do? The answer to this is in my next blog