Whether your have a small or large garden, choosing the right garden furniture can make your garden that much more appealing. But should you go with something simple yet practical or extravagant and stylish?

If you want to get your garden to look right, you should pick a theme and stick to it. Within that theme there may be simple or luxury options, which one you choose is up to you, but we’re here to make the choice easier. By weighing up which features make each item practical, you can decide what suits your needs and your style.

A Simple Dining Table

Basic dining tables are hard to get wrong. A stylish rattan dining set will do the trick in any garden, whether you opt for round or rectangular (whichever best suits your space) a simple dining set is a place to eat and spend time with family.

An Extravagant Fire Pit Dining Table

For a slightly more luxurious option, a fire pit dining table can add an extra layer to your garden and keep you outside for longer. The fire pit table not only offers a place to eat but a place to relax and enjoy the look and feel of the gentle flames, often encouraging people to spend longer outside chatting with friends and family.

A Simple Sun Lounger

If you want a place to sunbathe a simple sun lounger or sun lounger set doesn’t take up too much garden space and is comfortable and practical.

An Extravagant Daybed

Whereas, a daybed is much larger, takes up more space and looks more impressive. However, in small gardens the daybed can look overwhelming. But if you have the space, the daybed can be a place for the whole family to bask in the sun, rather than just one or two individuals.

A Simple Corner Sofa

The simple corner sofa is a place to relax and spend time outdoors. We recommend a modular corner sofa set which allows you to choose your own setup, without space constraints.

A Luxurious Casual Dining Set

Combining a corner sofa with a casual dining table not only gives you a place to relax and sit outdoors but also a space to dine on occasions you wish to eat al fresco. We recommend a casual dining set with an adjustable table; this means you can swap from a dining table to a coffee table depending on the reason you are using the furniture.

A Plain Coffee Table

A coffee table is a great accessory and extra space to pop drinks and snacks when you’re enjoying time outdoors. A rattan coffee table is lightweight and easy to move around depending on where you are sat, making it a very practical item.

A Luxurious Fire Pit Coffee Table

Want to make your coffee table a centrepiece rather than just an accessory? A coffee table with built in fire pit is a brilliant way to do so. The table can still be used for drinks and snacks but as the sun sets you can turn on the fire pit and spend more time outdoors.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something luxurious for your garden, we have all styles and designs available. Plus, if you need help choosing, you can speak to our customer service team who will be happy to offer practical and insightful advice.