We often discuss how you protect your garden furniture in the winter but what about your garden furniture cushions? Your garden furniture cushions require different care than your furniture, so we’ve revealed what you should do with your cushions this winter.

Do I Need to Remove My Cushions?

Yes. No matter how you are protecting your garden furniture this year your cushions need to be removed. If you are covering your garden furniture with a weatherproof cover then your cushions must be removed before you do this otherwise, they will not be able to breathe and then they will be exposed to mould and mildew.

5. Storage Bag/Box

If you are storing your garden furniture in a shed or garage, you should still remove the cushions to keep them from becoming dirty.

If you are leaving your garden furniture outdoors unprotected entirely then you definitely should make sure your cushions are removed and stored safely.

How Do I Safely Store My Cushions?

You can simply keep your cushions indoors. However, for many, this can be very untidy and not practical so there are several storage solutions we have to offer:

A storage bag – a storage bag allows you to neatly stack the cushions inside and then you can place the bag indoors or in a shed or garage and keep the cushions protected.

Cushion Storage Box

A cushion storage box - a storage box is not fully weatherproof, however with a cover over the top it becomes water-resistant and therefore you can store your cushions safely inside. Whilst in the summer, it may not be practical to keep taking the cover off to get the cushions out, in the winter when you are using the cushions far less it is a brilliant solution.

What Do I Do If My Cushions Get Dirty?

If your cushions have already been left out and are already a bit grubby then not to worry, most cushions covers are removable and machine washable. You will be able to wash the cushion covers on a low temperature like 30°. However, you should NOT tumble-dry the covers. Simply leave to dry on a washing line or indoor airers.

If your cushion covers are not removable then you can wash them whilst still on the cushion by soaking in a solution of ¼ cup of clear liquid detergent per gallon of lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly to remove detergent residue and air dry.

Your garden furniture cushion covers may be more resistant than you think, with many withstanding light showers and even stains from chocolate and wine, but to keep them fully protected throughout winter they should be kept indoors or in one of our cushion storage solutions.