I think it is not really a coincidence. Instead, there must be good reasons why I keep on remembering Sherlock Holmes every time I sit in my Rattan Garden Cube Set. I even felt like experiencing déjà vu yesterday.  If I'm not day dreaming about rattan garden furniture I'm dreaming of being a detective! When I sit on my Cube Outdoor Rattan Set, I not only caught the image of Holmes inside my mind, but I also found an eye-catching article discussing him. ! It was about the announcement of the scheduled launching of a complex scene game called, 'The Testament of Sherlock Holmes' by Focus Home Interactive this September. In this game, Holmes is the main suspect in a case involving theft, fraud and double-crossings who is challenged to prove his own innocence amid fading trust on him. The game is playable with a gamepad in a third person view. For me, anything about Sherlock Holmes is interesting. I adore his investigation skill and love the way he solve a complicated case: from one hint into some findings, and from a general image into detail specification. It is like seeing how this Rattan Cube Set, which is simply like a cube when all items are united, then turning into a complete set of furniture consisting of one table, four chairs and sets of cushions. The way this furniture is versatile and resistant to extremes of heat and cold also reflects Holmes’ resistant to all challenges and pressures. Sitting on some of my synthetic rattan furniture, I imagine facing Sherlock Holmes on the other side of the well-designed table. I imagine him sharing tips on how to consistently improve your minds performance.   I like to think he would rather like the ingenious why in which the rattan cube opens and closes as well as its proven resistant to heat and cold. Our Cube Rattan Set -- which is hand woven over a rust resistant frame -- is also designed to live outdoors all year round.  Elementary my dear Watson!