It’s only the start of April but we are already seeing some of this years new lines selling out. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly the early nice weather has lead to great demand but more importantly some of this years new lines have gone down very well indeed. Take the new rattan Apple for instance. We brought the Apple in to our rattan daybed collection as we felt that the removable roof added an extra dimension that the rest of our daybeds didn't have. Demand has proved strong and due to the shear size of the product we are now unable to get any more onto our upcoming containers. For those of you still keen on obtaining one of our rattan Apples the best bet is to email us to express an interest and we will put you on our mailing list and let you know as soon as they are due to bet back in stock. The early sold out signs seen on our website should be taken as a warning of things to come. We have ordered more stock than ever before this year but still there is an air of caution in the economy so our aim this year is to sell out of stock rather than hold large quantities throughout the year. The point being that if you are interested in some quality Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture then get in quick before it goes. We will be updating the website as and when our products go out of stock and we will also try to keep you posted here on the blog. Our advice is to get in early to avoid disappointment.