In this heat it is only right that we make the most of the weather and dine outdoors every day, enjoying barbecue food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinking a fair amount outdoors in the sunshine. However, it’s important to be safe when spending so much time dining outdoors.

Therefore, we recommend purchasing a dining set with a parasol hole in the centre of the table as well as a parasol to go with it. A parasol is a brilliant way to stay safe in the sunshine. Our thick parasol canopies help to protect from harmful UV rays as well as helping to create a cool shady area so that you don’t overheat.

Dining Sets with Parasol Holes

Many of our rattan dining sets are equipped to allow a parasol through the centre of the table, without taking away from any dining space. Plus, we also offer cantilever parasols that are perfect to partner with our casual dining and sofa sets. The cantilever parasols will cast shade all over your sofa dining area and can be moved around with ease.

To ensure that your parasol is suitable for its purpose we always recommend a suitably weighted base. A freestanding parasol will require a much heavier weight as opposed to a parasol through the centre of a table which does not require as much support. These weighted bases will stop the parasol wobbling in the table and causing damage to the furniture.

Tempered Safety Glass

Our rattan dining sets also have other features which make outdoor dining incredibly safe. For example, all of our rattan dining sets come with tempered safety glass, this helps to avoid the glass smashing and breaking, especially in this heat where glass that hasn’t been tempered could break and crack when it gets too hot.

Additionally, our PE synthetic rattan use for all of our garden furniture has been tested in extreme temperatures of high heat and extreme lows. This assures us that the rattan will not melt in the high temperatures and will not go brittle or crack in low temperatures.

It is perfectly normal for rattan to sag in high temperatures, but our top-quality synthetic rattan will always return to its normal state as the temperature cools. Unlike more inferior synthetic rattans that will remain saggy and loose, PE rattan is extremely durable and will return to its usual shape in no time at all.

Ice Bucket Dining Set

Another way to remain safe and not overheat when outdoor dining is to drink plenty of cold beverages, especially water. A great and stylish way to enjoy these cold drinks is to look for a dining set with a built-in ice bucket. These brilliant ice bucket sets are perfect for keeping cold drinks within arm’s reach. Simply, fill the bucket with ice and place your drinks in to keep them cool. When the ice melts you can replace the ice, plus when you’re done the ice bucket can be washed and stored away.

If you need any further advice on how to stay safe when dining al fresco in the heat, visit us in store where our knowledgeable team will be able to offer you plenty of advice and point out plenty of products that are great for keeping cool in the heat.