If you have old rattan furniture that you are planning to dispose of, we’ve got some great ideas for recycling the rattan before you purchase new furniture. With the holidays coming up, we’ve looked at how you can turn your rattan into a stunning wicker wreath.

Recycled Rattan Wreath

Step 1:

Firstly, you will need to remove several strips of rattan from your furniture, we recommend a chair as the ideal length of rattan for your wreath. Our willow, half round rattan will be perfect for this.

Step 2:

Trim these rattan pieces so that you have equal length, thin rattan stems.

Step 3:

Start with 3 long stems and twist or braid them together loosely, arrange the stems in a way that the ends are staggered.

Step 4:

Bend the rattan so that it forms a circle and cross over the ends. Bend the rattan around a tree trunk or perhaps your knee to form the circle shape.

Step 5:

Once your rattan has formed a rough circle, hold them together with one hand and intertwine the ends with your other hand. If you are struggling with this step, we suggest tying the ends together with some jute string instead, to keep everything held together.

Step 6:

Willow Chair

Add new strips of rattan as you go along. Ensure you distribute the additional strips evenly and twist the stems in different directions, weaving the ends through the wreath.

Step 7:

Weave the protruding ends of the rattan and work on the shape of the wreath. Some pieces will be more pliable than others and others will need more bending until they keep the desired shape. When you are happy with the size and shape of your wreath, trim the ends that are sticking out.

Step 8:

Finish your wreath by sticking some berries or some Holly on the wreath to complete the look with some festive cheer.

Recycling your old rattan furniture is a fun way to help the environment and is the ideal way to free up garden space before considering purchasing new rattan furniture. If you're looking to purchase new rattan furniture, do not hesitate to contact us.