Back when I was on the showroom floor every day I always used to be asked my opinion on my prefered choice of Rattan Dining Table. I have been asked many times do I prefer the round rattan dining tables or the Rectangular?  Of course as a salesman you never want to influence the customer too much and you certainly don’t want them going home with garden furniture that the salesman chose!  My answer was pretty much always the same… I usually answered their question with a few questions of my own....

  1. How much room do you have on the patio and what shape is it?
  2. Do you prefer a more formal dining experience or are you more casual one?

If we start with answering those two questions you normally find that you will be able to get the customer to decide which style of table best suites their needs. rectangular rattan suite How much room do you have for your Rattan Garden Furniture? It may seem a little irrelevant in the sense that surly a rattan dining set is about the same size whether it is round or rectangular but in truth it does make quite a difference.  You can very often get an eight or even ten seat rectangular rattan suite in a long thin area where you would struggle to get even a six seat round suite.   Likewise if you have a 3m large square or round area you could quite easily fit in a ten seat round rattan suite but a rectangular suite may be tight on one side and have lots of room the other way.  So first and foremost you have to consider your own garden patio area and then consider what would best fit into the space. Is your rattan dining set going to be used for formal occasions or relaxed dining? Again is may seem a little irrelevant but I feel it is worth a little consideration prior to buying your furniture.  After all rattan garden furniture will last many years so you want to make sure that you chose wisely.  The answer could well be that you want to use your garden furniture for both casual and formal occasions and if that’s the case then great.  In that case you can choose either the rectangular or the round, as you are neither one nor the other.  I guess what I am saying is that if you land more on the formal side then i would say consider the rectangular tables as they are more suited to this look.  Conversely if you think you are interested more in casual dining then consider the round dining tables as again they suit this style of dining a little better. rectangular patio area Formal garden dining – Rectangular rattan dining tables

  • Long Clean Lines for that Regal look and feel
  • Symmetry gives the patio an elegant style
  • The Rectangular Table seems to evoke a classy almost board room feel.

If you have decided you are more often than not going to prefer a more formal setting then the rectangular rattan dining sets may well be for you.  The long clean lines lend themself to that regal look and feel.  The symmetry makes for a more formal feel and they really can make your outdoor space seem very grand and impressive.  My father in law definitely fits into this category and sure enough he has a rectangular garden table! Casual dining – Round Rattan Dining tables.

  • Round tables are more sociable
  • All the guests can see each other
  • Your never stuck out at the end of the table miles away from the action 

If you feel that it is more of a casual affair when you get your family and friends around for some alfresco dining then maybe the round rattan dining sets are for you.  With a round table you have that feeling that everyone is in touch with one another and that you can have eye contact with all the guests.  You are not stuck at the end of the table with old uncle Freddy and you feel a little bit more involved in the conversation on round dining suites. Which Chair do I pick?

  • Decide whats most important to you - great looks or great comfort?
  • Give them a road test! Sit on the chairs to try them out.
  • Pick them up.  Your going to be living with these chairs for a while so make sure you can handle them ok.

rattan round table

So once you have decided which shape of table you prefer you can then move onto the style of chair you prefer!  That I’m afraid is another matter and again there are many factors that can influence your decision.  I guess the primary two considerations are the look and the comfort.  I say that because you will spend a lot of time looking out of your patio door at the suite and hopefully a lot of time sitting on it!  For me it has to be comfort first!

Six Seat Rectangular Rattan Tables If you have decided that the Rectangular rattan dining sets are for you then here at Zebrano we have a good few to choose from.  Historically we have stocked both the six seater and eight seater rectangular tables with a whole host of different chairs. Lets start by looking at the top picks for this year in the six seat rattan rectangular dining sets. First up is the Ashdown six seat Rectangular Rattan Dining Set.  This set comes in bang on budget and there are very few sets that can compete with the value for money element of this set.  Together with the Seaford suite this is our entry-level rectangular dining suite.

Ashdown Chairs 

  • on budget and therefore great value.
  • Stackable and therefore easy to store.

Ashford rectangular rattan dining set Ashford rectangular rattan dining set[/caption]   Next up is the Seaford Rectangular Rattan Dining Set.  As mentioned above this suite is our entry-level suite and is amazing value for money.  The bonus you have with the Seaford suite is that the chairs are all stacking and can therefore be stored or stacked to one side if necessary. Seaford Chairs

  • Not only stackable but also added comfort
  • Arm chairs 

  The Ruxley Rectangular Rattan Dining Set is well worth a look if you fancy a bit of a multipurpose chair to go along with your table.  The set comes complete with six reclining rattan chairs so not only have you got the added comfort of a chair that can be adjusted to suit your idea seating position you can also recline right back to soak up the sun when the dining is over! Ruxley Chairs

  • Taller, larger, even more comfort.
  • Reclining so great for relaxing in.

Next up is our original rattan garden dining chair.  Where it all began, all those years ago!  I’m getting a bit nostalgic there!  The La rattan-dining chair.  The LA  is a classic design that has truly stood the test of time.  Still looks as good today as it did ten years ago.  If you’re looking for a rectangular rattan dining set that will not date then don't look any further.

cadiz ractangular dining set cadiz ractangular dining set.

Built for comfort and built to last, the Texas is our next rattan rectangular table suite.  The Texas has a chunky look and feel about it and with the thicker arms has an overall more solid appearance.  Perhaps a little lower to the ground due to the shape of the seat and therefore perhaps a better option if you plan to do more relaxing than eating.  Sometimes I hear customers saying that the dining position of this chair is not as good as the relaxed position.  Of course all of these comments are very much an individual thing so your best bet is to come along to the showroom and see for yourself. Texas Chair

  • Built with comfort in mind.
  • Thicker arm rests.
  • Slightly more reclined and many prefer this more.

Last and certainly not least are the cube sets!  We all love a cube set and I have decided to include two of our larger cube sets, as they are both rectangular and therefore fit into the remit of this article.  In fairness they are a little different to the rest of the rattan rectangular tables as the cube sets have got there very own look and unique functions.  If you are not familiar with the concept of the cube sets then do take some to time to have a look at the product info.  You will find that they are fantastic in many ways. rattan cube set 

  • Fold up backs for added lumber support
  • Handy to store footstool
  • Neatly packed away for winter storage.
  • Great looking!

The cube chairs have fold away backs that can be put down allowing the chair to comfortably slide under the table.  The cube sets also come with footstools that not only double up as extra seating (especially for little ones!) but are also fantastic to put your feet on when the eating and drinking is over and its time to relax.  Then of course you have the sheer size of the table.  Because the chairs fold away inside the table the diameter of the table is much larger than the standard rectangular rattan tables.  You can have a much larger width on the table without affecting the overall footprint when the table is put away.  Does that make sense?   What I mean is that because the chairs can be pushed inside they take up no room when the table is not in use.  The overall footprint of the table is probably a little smaller than all the other rectangular rattan dining sets and yet the table area is considerable larger.  This extra table space is ideal for all the BBQ condiments and salads and of course the burgers and the beers!    As you can probably tell from my enthusiasm I have a cube set!!   The best way to explain the cube sets is to see them in action.  Here is a demo of how the cube works. Rattan Garden Cube Set with footstools         Eight Seat Rectangular Rattan Tables What about the large Rectangular Rattan Dining sets? So we’ve covered the six seat rectangular dining sets but what about the big boys?  Well, we have a number of eight seat rectangular rattan dining sets that may well be of interest to you.  First up is the Ashdown suite that, as I said comes with eight chairs.  The Ashdown chairs are the classic armless rattan-dining chairs.  The Ashdown chair is similar to the Cadiz Rattan chair in style but without the arms. The advantage of having no arms is that it can sometimes a chair with no arms can be more comfortable.  This may sounds a bit strange, as normally you would associate an armchair as more comfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, personally I do prefer an arm on my chairs but perhaps that is because I have a tendency to rest on one side or the other.  Some people prefer the freedom of not having any arms as it means you are not penned into the chair.  You are not restricted in your movement.  Not sure I should say this but sometimes the armless chairs are more comfortable if you have a slightly bigger bottom! The other major advantage of the Ashdown chair is the stacking facility.  It is always useful to be able to stack your chairs away. On the subject of stacking chairs you could go for the Seaford Rectangular Rattan Dining set.  The Seaford has the stacking element that we have discussed above but also has the armrests.  This is the best of both worlds.  A favorite of our commercial clients the Seaford is popular with Golf clubs and Spa’s. [caption id="attachment_1443" align="alignnone" width="400"]seaford rectangular rattan dining set seaford rectangular rattan dining set[/caption] If comfort is your priority then maybe the Ruxley Rectangular Rattan dining set is the one for you.  The Ruxley are a larger chair and therefore a bit more roomy than most of the other.  Add to that the fact that all the chairs recline you end up with a chair that is not only great for dining but also great for relaxing. The Texas is the last in our long line of flat weave options and it could be said that we have left the best till last.  I have always loved the Texas, as it is both comfortable to relax in while also being a great looking chair.  All of the above Rectangular suites are manufactured using the same technique.  We hand weave our all weather synthetic rattan around an aluminum frame so that the whole suite is weather proof.  The synthetic rattan itself is both UV and water resistant and with the aluminum frame being rust proof it means that the combination of the two makes for our garden furniture to be truly all weather.   The Victoria Weave was new for Zebrano in 2014 and was a roaring success.  So much so that we have extended the range and now offer many more products in the range.  One such product is the Victoria Wide Weave Rectangular Table and 8 chairs.  As the name suggests the Victoria range has a wider weave than our standard flat weave.  I guess you could argue that it is a little strong due to this wider aspect but the truth of the matter is only wider as we wanted to create a different look.  The colour is grey which is again simply because we were trying to create a unique style for the range.  We think we have achieved this and if sales are anything to go so do our customers! [caption id="attachment_723" align="alignnone" width="600"]Maze Rattan Winchester Weave Maze Rattan Winchester Weave[/caption]   Talking of unique or different rattan weaves our last rectangular dining set is in our Winchester or Hamilton weave.  Rather than the flat weaves I have been describing above the Winchester weave has a tubular style to it.   Often referred of as the half moon weave due to the shape the Winchester or Hamilton weave is more like a natural rattan in appearance.  That’s to say the natural rattan is rounded and more of a cream or perhaps biscuit colour, which is exactly as I would describe the Winchester, weave.brown outdoor set We are always adding new products to our rattan garden furniture ranges so keep an eye on our blog for new arrivals but that’s about it for now on the rectangular ding set front.  If you have any queries or would like to talk to someone in more details about any of our products please do not hesitate to telephone our sales team on 0845 030 4061. For more ideas and inspiration on alfresco dining check out our pinterest page by clicking here.