Today I thought I would have a look at the key points to look out for when considering purchasing rattan garden sun loungers. First up you have to look at the comfort of the loungers. I am a great believer in function before form and therefore I would rather know that the item fits my intended use and doesn’t just look pretty. In the case of Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture all of our rattan sun loungers are comfortable. We have designed them with the end user in mind and have included five position recliners with all of our loungers. Our cushions are all nice and thick which ensures a comfortable lounging position. As far as the style and looks of a sun lounger we are all very different. As I said I am one for making sure anything I buy works as I intended it to, but once you have established that it is comfortable it’s down to you on the looks. It all depends on your own personal style or indeed how you want your outdoor space to look. For the more contemporary among you it could well be the minimal sleek design of the Verona sun loungers that fits the bill. The Verona's are both practical and ultra modern at the same time. They come in both black rattan and brown rattan and as with all of our synthetic rattan they can be left outside all year round. For those that think they may be sat slightly more upright in there loungers or perhaps you intend to do a lot of reading the Pescara Sun Loungers are the ones for you. The Pescara has arms on them that give added comfort when in an upright position. They can however be reclined to lay flat if the mood takes you. Another consideration is the rattan weave you would like to have. In most cases people want to make there dining sets with there sun loungers and here at Zebrano this is easily done. We have a sun lounger to make every one of our rattan dining sets and for that matter we also have sofa sets that make as well. Therefore you can have matching dining, sofa and sun loungers if you so choose. We have two types of all weather rattan, flat weave and tubular weave. To find out more about rattan garden furniture and the different weaves you can click the link. I have highlighted two of our more popular rattan sun loungers but there are many more to choose from. I will be back soon with more rattan buying guides very soon.