Having a garden which is attractive as your property is a hot trend which is set to continue, with not just shrubs and plants creating the landscape, but rattan furniture too. But with the volatile UK climate, being able to enjoy hot and sunny weather all year round is an unfortunate impossibility which means it’s vital to have furniture which is resilient, or storage to protect it. There are lots of different types of garden furniture but rattan is one of the most popular, and it’s a trend which is continuing to grow. Here’s why rattan is so popular not just for garden furniture, but also for garden storage.

A tough material

Natural rattan comes from a tropical vine which is harvested and then treated before being woven into a range of different types of furniture, as well as accessories too. However, coming from warm and temperate climates, rattan is not well equipped to cope with the extremes of British weather, particularly the wet, cold and ice. This therefore means that natural rattan has to be well protected in order to be suitable for use outside. Left exposed to the elements, natural rattan degrades very quickly and simply won’t last. For this reason, a synthetic rattan has been developed, a material which is almost indistinguishable from the natural product in its appearance, but is far more resilient and tough. rattan in the forrest

Harvesting rattan – a tough natural material

Image Source Synthetic rattan is entirely weatherproof, allowing it to shrug off the effects of any rain, cold or ice as well as being impervious to UV rays. This makes it the obvious choice for garden furniture, as it can be left outdoors all year round. You can choose to protect rattan furniture with sheeting, covers or by placing it in storage but it’s not strictly necessary. This material is tough, strong and will stay looking just as good as new even after a season exposed to the British winter.


Although rattan is a material which can be left outside all year round, there is one small exception: the upholstery. Many different types of garden furniture such as rattan loungers, or rattan chairs have deep padded upholstery as part of the design. Although it adds a degree of comfort, the upholstery also protects the rattan itself, preventing it from stretching or becoming baggy. These cushions may be showerproof, and indeed for garden furniture, it’s highly desirable to find a set which is able to cope with the occasional sprinkling of rain, but as a general rule, fabric isn’t designed to withstand ice, rain and plunging temperatures. Most upholstery cushions are either loose or simply zipper off, so they’re very easy to pop on and off the rattan frame. It’s a good habit to put away the cushions rather than leaving them out, as unexpected inclement weather could cause damage. nice round sofa

Rattan with upholstery, a fine combination

However, where to store these cushions and pads can present a bit of a problem. You may have space in your shed, but stashing your pristine upholstery in designer fabrics in a musty shed is probably less than ideal. There’s also a good chance they won’t be easily on hand for when you want to use the furniture. In the UK, the weather can be changeable, so grabbing a swift half an hour in the sun needs to be easy and convenient without having to traipse all over the garden to get the chairs set back up! The answer of course is having garden storage on hand which is stylish and convenient.

Rattan garden storage

As well as being the material that the furniture itself is made from, it’s possible to purchase storage boxes also made from rattan. Because the synthetic vine is so resilient to the elements, it’s the perfect substance to make the storage box from too. The added advantage is that the storage will match the rattan garden furniture, providing not just a functional way to keep upholstery close at hand, but looking very stylish too. And when the upholstery is on the furniture and in use, the rattan storage boxes make rather wonderful coffee tables too! Rattan garden storage boxes don’t just have to be used to store the upholstery for the furniture - although it is an excellent idea! - They can be used for a whole range of outdoor storage needs. Whether its dining accessories for the table, picnic blankets or even gardening equipment, the rattan storage box will ensure everything inside remains protected from the cold and dry. With all-weather rattan on the exterior and a liner inside, rattan storage boxes are woven around the same rust-resistant frame that the furniture uses. This provides extra strength yet the aluminium metal ensures it’s still light and easy to move around. Rattan storage boxes are the intelligent way to combine functional convenience and style, effortlessly.

Image Credits: Lovely Astuty