We added our rattan garden Sofa video to the site a few weeks ago and it seems to have gone down rather well.  It turns out that people like to watch our products as well as sit in them!  The rattan sofa video highlights some of our most popular sofas and gives a nice visual perspective of our range.  The intention now is to start adding videos to all of our pages so that the website becomes a fully interactive experience. Hopefully by the end of play tomorrow we will have our next video which is set to include all of our rattan garden cube sets.  The whole point of the rattan cube sets is that they can easily fold away to form a cube when closed.  It's not always easy to understand this in images alone so the video will be a welcome sales aid and will hopefully make it easier for our customers to see what it is they are buying. I’d better get back to it now as these videos take a bit of time to organize.  I’ll be back with our latest release very soon.