Moving on from our article on rattan garden furniture trends I am going to look at each product category in more detail. Here I am adding a more detailed account of what's hot and what's not in the rattan garden sofa arena. As was mentioned in that original post, the whole rattan garden furniture phenomenon began with the rattan garden sofa. It was the all weather rattan sofas that we started seeing in hotels and restaurants around Europe and it's clear to see why. Rattan garden sofas are very flexible in so much as they can be used inside and out. This means that the hotels can keep a theme going from an indoor area to an outdoor area.  This is quite important in a top hotel type environment as much time and effort is spent on the look and feel of the establishment.  This same principle was what first attracted the public to the rattan garden sofa.  In the past you would have had wooden benches or perhaps recliner chairs in your garden, along side the more traditional dining sets. Suddenly there was the chance to have a lounge type set up in your garden which was a concept that caught on fast. The first rattan sofa sets that hit the market were the clean, smooth lined, contemporary type that we call the Maze Rattan 5 piece Sofa. The Maze Rattan 5 piece rattan sofa is a very minimal squared off design which was very contemporary at the time. To this day the 5 piece is one of our best selling items. From the 5 piece design spawned the Manuka Corner sofa and the Georgia rattan sofa. Both of these were based on the same simple designs but with a different configuration as far as number of modules. The 5 piece is the classic set up with two armchairs, one two seater sofa and a coffee table. As time went on there was demand for corner sofas and that’s where the Manuka came in. Same design as the 5 piece but this time in the corner set up. The Georgia to is the same design as the 5 piece but this time with a three seater sofa and an extra footstool. The 2009/10 season saw the arrival of the Kingston rattan sofa suite which added a bit more curve appeal than the Maze Rattan 5 Piece. The 5 Piece is a sleek, sharp edged, contemporary design which was very much synonymous with the new rattan garden furniture at the time. The Kingston has a curved and higher back than the 5 Piece and the curves continue onto the arms. The Kingston is not such a minimal product and was seen as an improvement on the 5 Piece. The Kingston rivaled the 5 Piece for sales and in the end overtook it. This coming season is set to see another battle between the two designs. We now have many added extras that were not previously available which means you can get three seater Kingston sofas, extra chairs, extra footstools and much more. This means that whichever design you prefer there is a combination to fit. Zebrano do have many other rattan sofa designs which are available so check out our rattan garden sofa page for more details.