Following on from our Rattan Garden Furniture Trends series today I am looking at the rattan garden chairs. The rise of rattan garden furniture is well documented from its origin in the high end hotels and restaurants of Europe to the current well priced rattan suites available on the high street. In the case of Zebrano rattan we offer a well balanced range of rattan garden furniture that is intended for both commercial and residential. The rattan chair trends have developed over the years starting of with the contemporary, clean lines of the Manuka arm chair. The Manuka arm chair has a squared of edge to it and is very boxy in design. The idea is that it has a crisp minimal design and this is why it best fitted into the modern hotels and restaurants in the more up market locations throughout Europe. As demand for dining furniture increased so to did demand for dining chairs increase. The first chair to emerge was the Girona rattan dining chair. The Girona fits perfectly with any of our rattan dining tables as it is simple in design and not to imposing. It can blend in with any table set which is why many of the commercial customers prefer this chair. The Girona is perfect for the commercial market but the general public require a little more refinement when it comes to choosing there furniture. For starters they like arms on there chair. It follows then that the next chair to become popular was the Cadiz rattan chair. The Cadiz is basically a Girona with arms. If you are buying some garden furniture for your own personal use then you tend to look fro comfort as well as affordability. Arm chair with arms tends to be more comfortable than one without arms. The Cadiz is still popular today but last year saw the emergence of the Bilbao Arm chair which is set to challenge the dominance of the Cadiz. The Bilbao is a larger, bulkier chair with flamboyant curves. The Bilbao has a more laid back appeal to it and would be considered a more comfortable chair to sit in for an extended period. The Cadiz has a more upright seated position and is considered more comfortable to eat at. Therefore customer tend to decide which function is best for there requirements. The Cadiz is more popular in the commercial environment due to its more upright position and because it a has a smaller footprint and therefore more efficient from the point of view of taking up valuable space. Who knows what 2012 will bring us as far as top selling rattan chairs but my tip is to check out the Barcelona chair. It bridges the benefits of both the Cadiz and the Bilbao. It has a better dining position than that of the Bilbao and yet has a larger more reclined position than that of the Cadiz. It’s the best of both worlds. The design looks great and the overall appearance of the Barcelona suites is stunning.