We have been running a series of articles on the rattan garden furniture trends and today’s one is on rattan dining sets. As we know attention was first drawn to the all weather rattan when hotels and restaurants around Europe started to replace there old stock with the new synthetic rattan. Many of the original sets were the sofa suites which we have mentioned in our Rattan Garden Sofa article. To marry in with the rattan sofa sets we also seen rattan dining tables and chairs. These dining sets were more prevalent in the restaurants and in particular those restaurants that spread out onto courtyards or at least have some sort of outdoor area. You can see why the rattan became so popular as the dining set look great inside and out and with the all weather properties and wipe clean glass tops they are perfect for commercial use. The tables had either solid rattan tops with glass sat over the top or often they had tinted glass with a rattan boarder. Today’s rattan dining sets are much more likely to have the glass sat on top of a solid rattan table as this gives the table much more stability. As far as the chairs were concerned the original chairs that we seen were the Girona rattan chairs. The Girona chairs are a contemporary simple design that fits perfectly with the minimal nature of the rattan furniture. As the rattan furniture became more assessable to the general public, the designs of the tables and chairs evolved. The original tables were small square tables with Girona chairs. As time moved on we seen the emergence of larger rectangular tables as well round tables and on the chairs we started to see armchairs becoming more popular. The original armchair was the Cadiz rattan chair. In design it is very similar to the Girona apart from the Cadiz has arms. The Cadiz continues to be one of our best sellers to this day. It is a contemporary design with some gentle curves giving the chair a comfortable yet elegant appearance. As time went on new designs came into the market and last year we saw the Bilbao rival the Cadiz in terms of popularity. The Bilbao is not so much a commercial chair as the dimensions are too large and they take up to much space. The Bilbao is however perfect for the retail market as it is very comfortable and not only performs well as a dining chair but you can also kick back and relax in them. As far as the trends in the tables are concerned we have seen the emergence of the oval table which looks to be vying for the top spot with the round tables. We have found the round tables are the best selling tables as they are the most sociable. Everyone can see each other when you are sat around a round table. Rectangular tables are popular but they create a more formal atmosphere and in general the public are looking at creating a more relax vibe for thee gardens. This coming year we think the round table with benches will become the post popular. We have several new table and bench sets in our Santiago range. For me the best one is the Santiago sofa set suite which is not only great looking but really space saving as the sofas all push in to form a neat circle.