cold winter chinaWhere is my rattan? 2014 has seen a rattan shortage in the UK and all over Europe. But why has this happened? Its a combination of our lovely early spring/summer and China's coldest winter in 28yrs. All of our rattan garden furniture comes from China and this winter they have had to close roads and airports due to the most extreme cold weather they have seen in 28yrs. This has had a knock on effect to all UK rattan garden furniture suppliers with containers arriving 8 weeks later than expected. When spring arrives early in the UK all surplus stock is gone very quickly and then when replacement stock is taking 8 weeks later to arrive it causes rattan chaos! We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any of our customers who have experienced a delay in getting their goods this year.

We really appreciate your patience; we are doing everything we can to get all the furniture out as soon as it arrives. The rattan world has really suffered the last few years from the weather. In 2012 we had the wettest summer in 100yrs and if you wanted some rattan garden furniture then everyone had some! In 2013 we had a very slow start to the season with snow up until April. Then this year we are hit with a glorious spring and a glorious summer but stock is very delayed form china having the coldest winter in 29yrs! Sometimes we wonder if Mother Nature against us? Every year brings a new problem to solve and this year it has been the delayed goods and then the overwhelming call volumes chasing the furniture.

We have been frantically trying to manage this and the office staff have been putting in some massive hours in an attempt to keep up with customer demand. We have plans for new computer systems and telephone systems for next year in an attempt to keep pace with demand and improve our customer's experience. We have made some changes this year to the way we operate in an attempt to manage our huge growth. As a family run business this can be challenging but we are aware that more changes are required to deal with the huge demand we are receiving for our furniture. We are a victim of our own success this year and we will be sure to try and iron out the issues as soon as we can. Please bare with us at this busy time, we appreciate your patience.

Yet again we would like to give a sincere apology to anyone who has had difficultly getting through to us and also for anyone who has experienced delays with their furniture. We are doing our upmost to get the goods out to everyone as soon as it is physically possible. As stated at the top of this article the delays have hit all UK suppliers in the Rattan Garden Furniture world as the manufacturing takes place in the same region for all of the major suppliers. But Don't despair! A huge amount of rattan garden furniture is about to hit our shores (8 weeks late but its nearly here!) so please bare with us while we contact you all to keep you as informed as possible about your order.


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