Little old Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture are hitting the headings across the world due to our new 100% all weather cushions.  The new Zebrano Life range has been well received by our regular customers when they have visited our showrooms and they seem to have been well received online.  Of course the online community is somewhat larger then our showroom can handle and we often receive interest in our product range from across the globe.  That said it’s nice to see that the press in the USA are interested in Zebrano and in particular our Zebrano Life range.   As you know our Zebrano life range is new for 2013 and what really set’s it apart from anything else on the marketplace is the fantastic cushions.  These new cushions have been manufactured using some fancy technology that allows the water to travel straight through the foam without being trapped inside.  This in itself may not sound too revolutionary but the impact is very big.  Without the water becoming trapped inside the cushion there is never any question of moss or mold growing on the cushions.  The lack of water means that nothing can grow and therefore nothing can damage the cushions.  After a massive downpour our cushions are dry and ready for use just 20 minutes after the rain. So who’s been talking about us? Well I’ve found our story in several places including: Chicago Business Journal. Los Angeles Business New Mexico Business Weekly Pittsburgh Business Times San Francisco Business Times And the list goes on.  I know the internet is an amazing place and once someone has picked up on a story it can spread like wildfire but never the less we are delighted to be featured around the globe.  Check out the website for info on the new Zebrano Life range.