People with gardens might be worried that they won’t be able to find any rattan garden furniture which is the right size to fit in them. The good news is that you will be able to find the right size rattan furniture for your garden if you visit the Zebrano website. We have rattan furniture sets with seating options from 2 seats all the way up to 10 seats. You are bound to find rattan garden furniture for any size garden on their website. They are a reputable online retailer of garden furniture which is made from synthetic rattan. Therefore, you will never need to worry about the furniture deteriorating after a couple of years because synthetic rattan is weatherproof and designed to last for decades.

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How much spare room do you have in the garden?

The size of a garden will usually depend on the amount of land space available. It may also depend on whether you would prefer a garage or a shed or perhaps even football goals and the like for the kids. If you’re in a situation where you have a small garden because you don’t have much land for a bigger one, then you can still find a nice rattan garden furniture set to put there. You could put a couple of sun loungers or a daybed if all you plan to do is relax. These are smaller furniture pieces which are designed for people who just want to admire the view of their garden without taking up too much room.

Do you have room to lounge?

The Orlando Sun Lounger Set with Side Table for £449.00 and the Maze Rattan Winchester Rattan Sun Loungers with Coffee Table for £549.00 would be the two best choices for smaller gardens. Although they each come with tables, you don’t need to put the tables in the garden too because those are separate pieces. You could simply place 1 or both loungers in the garden, depending on room availability. If it turns out that you have extra pieces of furniture from the set which couldn’t get placed in the garden, then just place these extra pieces in other areas of your property. Either find another space in your backyard or try putting them on the porch in front of your home. There is always a place for these pieces to go if you just get creative with your thinking.

If you are a keen gardener then perhaps have 1 or 2 small rows of garden crops in your backyard. You may even have a lot of property space around the garden as well. In this case, you should put a bigger rattan garden furniture piece which surrounds this row at one end of it. For example, the Maze Rattan Half Moon Rattan Corner Sofa Set is a unique combination of a corner set and sofa set. Rather than forming a solid 90-degree angle at the corner, it has a circular curve there instead. The entire sofa is comprised of 3 separate sofa sections which can each fit 2 people. This means that you could have as many as 6 people on this sofa in your garden. Meanwhile, they can all face the start or end of your garden as it sits in the middle of them.

What about the bigger gardens?

Now let’s talk about bigger gardens. There are some people who like to invite friends, family members, coworkers, and/or neighbors over to their home just to show off their garden. Maybe you have a colorful garden with a variety of flowers and you want to impress the people you know by showing them this awesome sight. Rather than just take them in your garden for a small tour, you could place a rattan sofa set in your garden and have them all relax in comfort on it. This will put their physical bodies at ease while their minds become enchanted by the beauty of the garden that is in front of them. Some of them may even want to fall asleep on some of the longer sofa pieces. That is how peaceful this atmosphere will be when you combine comfortable outdoor furniture with an enriched garden environment.

A great rattan sofa set for a larger garden is the Maze Rattan Winchester Rounded High Back Sofa Set. You wouldn’t be putting a long corner sofa set in your garden because this set has multiple individual sofa pieces. There is the 3-Seater Rounded High Back Sofa and 2 Rounded High Back Winchester Armchairs included in this set. This gives you the ability to fit 5 people on the sofa while spreading out 3 different pieces of furniture. That way, if there are free spaces in your garden which are not next to each other, you can spread out your furniture pieces to fill up these spaces. It would give you the chance to allow people to comfortably see your garden from multiple points of view and angles. This set is priced at £679.00.

Tips for any size garden.

Before you shop online for your next rattan garden furniture set, be sure that it is actually big enough to fit in your garden. All the examples mentioned in this article were hypothetical scenarios for people with small or big gardens. But you still need to determine the exact size and dimensions of your garden just to make sure the furniture that you purchase will fit there, even if it is only 1 piece of the set. The next thing you should do is sketch out where you envision the furniture going in the garden. You don’t need to be an artist to do a sketch like this. Just sketch a quick outline of your garden and draw little squares for where the furniture pieces are going to go. This will help you prepare for positioning the furniture set in there when it finally arrives.

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Another tip that is worth mentioning is to give the rattan garden furniture set a little bit of space between it and the actual garden. You don’t want to be bombarded by all the flying insects that might be hovering around the garden. If you have used insecticides on your crops, then you will still want to keep a safe distance away from their fumes for health reasons. Of course, if you only have 1 or 2 rows in your garden, like suggested in 1 example before, then you don’t need to worry about this too much. This tip is only for those who have bigger gardens that require more maintenance like this.


Patio or deck?

Lastly, consider having your garden furniture positioned right next to or on the patio or deck. This would be the perfect setup for your backyard because then you could place the rattan garden furniture set on your patio or deck and then have people comfortably observe your garden from a better distance. Not only that, this type of surface would be suitable for additional types of rattan outdoor furniture, such as dining sets and cube sets. Just imagine having your guests eat outside near the garden while they are enjoying food that came from the garden. This is truly a way for them to enjoy the blessings of nature and appreciate the food even more.

Once you know where you are thinking of putting your furniture check out our full range of all weather rattan online or in store.


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