Rattan Garden Furniture A Complete Guide

Natural rattan furniture is unsuitable for year round outdoor use, particularly in areas with changeable weather such as the UK.

In the past, natural rattan or wicker furniture was made from materials harvested from Rattan Palms – plants native to Africa, Asia and Australasia and commonly grown in Indonesia.

Fortunately, modern high quality synthetic rattan is weather resistant, incredibly durable and can be left outside in all seasons.
Unlike most wood, metal or plastic furniture, synthetic rattan is maintenance free and will stay looking as good as new for many years.

Weather Resistant

How synthetic rattan furniture handles weather


Completely waterproof Doesn't rot or corrode Uses aluminium frames which do not rust


UV resistant No fading or colour loss Does not dry out, crack or crumble


Rattan furniture is resistant to temperature variations throughout all seasons

Style & Design

Modern rattan furniture is engineered for a premium natural look and feel.

Rattan furniture is available in a wide range of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

A range of rattan weave colour options are available.

Accessorise with a splash of colour to personalise your look.

Rattan furniture is the perfect choice for bringing a high-end luxury feel to your garden or patio

Lightweight & Practical

Unlike wood or metal furniture where weight is often a sign of quality, rattan furniture uses modern materials and construction methods meaning it does not need to be heavy. Because of its light weight, synthetic rattan furniture is easy to move which gives you the flexibility to change the layout of your outdoor space as needed and means rattan furniture is practical to store when not in use.

Strong and Durable

Modern synthetic rattan furniture uses a high quality polyethylene fibre construction for high flexibility and tensile strength. Aluminium frames are corrosion resistant and offer a high strength to weight ratio. Premium synthetic materials mean that rattan furniture is resistant to pests and fungus.

Easy Cleaning

1) Sweep off excess dirt with a small brush
2) Wipe down with warm soapy water
3) A light scourer can be used to remove tough or dried on dirt
4) Rinse or hose down with clean water
5) Leave to dry or wipe down with a towel
6) Sit back and relax