Zebrano are the market leaders in the Rattan Garden Cubes. We have been stocking a varied range of the rattan cubes for many years now and it was our first all weather rattan product to be featured in the press some 6 years ago. Times have moved on since then and so has technology. We are now able to not only show you a revolving image of our cube sets which shows you how the stools slide under for easy storage but also bring you a video. It's not going to worry the superstar movie makers in Hollywood but it is our attempt at bringing more than just a plain old boring website with old photos and old content. Our photos are bang up to date and if the trend from the public is to see videos then we will bring the public videos! Not quite the same as your TV Videos on demand but Zebrano's version of it. This video is our Rattan Cubes sets and can be found on our Rattan Cube Sets page. I do love the cubes and the proof of this is the black rattan cube I have in my back garden. Currently still under its cover but ready to go the minute the sun comes out. I keep seeing glimpses of the sun but then we get a bit more rain and the cover stays on. My two little ones are born in March and April and it is normally around the birthday season that my cube makes an appearance. This video speaks for itself really as the revolving images tell you in pictures the benefits of the cube suites. You can clearly see the footstools storing under the chairs and then the fold up backs folding away so than the whole suite closes into a cube. The design is award winning and there is little surprise that the cube remains our best selling suite. Now available in brown, black and the new grey for 2012 and also new for this year is the Hamilton tubular weave cube suite.