Rattan Garden Cube out from hibernation. I finally had a Saturday off with the family and decided that it was time to unwrap the rattan garden furniture.  We have the rattan garden cube with four footstools and to be honest I have been threatening to take the cover off for the last few weeks.  The sun is well and truly out now and I just could not hold back a moment longer. To say that I was delighted is a bit of an understatement.  I have left all the cushions outside under the cover all winter and obviously the table, chairs and footstools were under the cover all winter as well.  The rattan cube table needed a quick wipe over the glass to remove the condensation and it all looked as good as new!  The chairs and the rest of the table did not even need a wipe. To be honest the cushions looked fine but did have a slight damp smell to them so I decided to unzip the lot and put them in the washing machine.  This is the first time in the four years that we have had the rattan cube set that I have machine washed the cushions and they came out perfect.  No shrinkage and smelling of roses.  Well smelling of lemon fresh or whatever the washing powder is.  Either way the set looked like new and better still the weather has remained excellent for the last four days. We are set for more good weather so I am off home to put the BBQ on!  I figure we have got to make the most of the weather while we have it. If you are interested why not follow this link to our rattan cube sets?