Whether you are planning a party for a select handful or a large scale event for a much greater number of guests, one thing that you are going to need is furniture. You might be offering a sit-down meal or else the chance to mingle with some scattered seating dotted around. Whatever the theme and style of your occasion, you will be in need of some stylish and versatile furniture to meet your needs. Rattan furniture is suitable for a range of different occasions; we take a look at how it could provide the solution.


Seating is an absolute essential for any event, even if you expect your guests to be standing, mingling or even dancing the night away! Most people will want to have a rest for at least some of the evening, or enjoy a more relaxed chat whilst sitting down. The type of seating you want will depend on the nature of the event but there’s a huge range of rattan chairs <INSERT LINK TO rattan chairs> available, so you’re certain to be able to find something which suits your needs. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.47.00

Rattan seats like this are ideal for events Image Source

If you’re providing a meal you will want to supply chairs which are slightly smaller and less sprawling, such as perhaps a banquet-style. Opting for rattan means that the chairs will be lightweight and far easier to transport and move around, offering sturdy toughness without being too bulky. These types of chairs can be very easily stacked too, perfect for events when you might need to clear an area. If you’re buying your furniture, you will want to consider how you’re going to store it between events too and having chairs which are lightweight and stackable will provide you with a far greater number of options. If your event is a more casual affair, you might want a more relaxed style of seating that invites guests to linger and chat, rather than being quite so upright. The advantage of choosing rattan is that it looks just as good indoors as outside which allows you to create a combined area for your event without a defined border. If you have patio doors, you can leave them flung open and have rattan furniture leading from your lounge or your conservatory out onto the decking or patio without changing the theme. If your event is informal, such as a barbecue, you might opt for a very contemporary type of seating area such as a rattan daybed. This creates a large amount of space for your guests to either sit upright or lounge around more casually if they prefer. If it’s a daytime event with young children, families or groups of friends who know each other well, this is a very relaxing type of seating to opt for, and one that invites people to rest and take it easy. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.48.06

Rattan daybeds are ideal for events like barbecues

For events which are more formal, you may not want the same kind of seating, but you will still want your guests to be comfortable and at ease. A chaise longue is effortlessly chic and cultured, providing a soft place to rest without being overly informal. For polished poise and gentle refinement, look no further than a rattan chaise longue. If you need a greater number of seats but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, easy chairs and sofas also provide the perfect party seating, offering discreet corners for guests to sit down and chat. Corner sofas work particularly well as they can be arranged out of the way, making use of those wasted inches at the edges of the room, and creating a quieter space away from the general hubbub. A small coffee table is an elegant touch which provides a place for glasses to rest, rather than having to balance them awkwardly during the conversation. Many corner sofas also come with footstools; these can double up as extra seating and can help to provide a versatile and flexible seating arrangement which can be moved around as people choose throughout the evening.


Almost as essential as seating, tables are one of the fundamental components for event furniture, even if you aren’t providing a formal meal. If you’re offering a buffet, you’ll need plenty of table space to set out your dishes, and provide the plates and accessories that your guests need. You will also want some tables dotted around to provide spaces for your guests to rest their drinks, or to place their plates so they aren’t constantly juggling full hands. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.48.53

Rattan tables are great in any home

Bistro sets are ideal for social events as they can be scattered around creating little oases where your guests can refresh themselves before heading off to mingle with their fellow revellers once more. Rattan bistro sets are formal enough to suit any occasion yet won’t look out of place at a more casual affair either. If you’re a bit short on space but want to make tables available, cube sets are a great compromise. With seating that fold entirely away when not in use, they are unobtrusive and very economical on space. If you need a table and seating, you simply slide out the chairs from underneath and flip up their backs and voila! You have a sturdy, comfortable and supportive chair within seconds. Of course, you may be at the opposite end of the spectrum and in need of multiple tables or those which can seat large numbers of people. Circular rattan tables which provide enough places for 10 people or more are a very sociable way of entertaining, gathering enough seats together for great conversation but not so many that some guests run the risk of being left out. A couple of large tables or a greater number of smaller ones are perfect for helping your guests get to know each other at more formal events. Accessories It’s the simple touches which can really take top class style to the next level, so when you’re looking at your overall design, don’t forget about rattan accessories too. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.49.44

Add a lazy susan to your rattan furniture

If you’re serving food, a lazy Susan can be a handy piece of equipment that is not just functional but stylish too. If you’re serving food outside, a rattan lazy Susan can help provide a more natural feel to the tabletop decorations, in keeping with the surroundings and complementing the furniture. If the bash is in the evening, or is a night-time affair, there may well be a chill in the air. Patio heaters are a great way to warm up a colder evening and let the party carry on in the garden until much later. However, don’t feel that you have to sacrifice style for practicality as rattan edged patio heaters offer the best of both worlds. Providing all the warmth of a conventional patio heater, but looking classy and elegant too, you will want to make a feature out of these heaters rather than hiding them away. You may also need some shelter for the garden, whether it’s to provide some shade from a hot summer sun, or to protect against the raindrops. A gazebo is a sophisticated solution and looks great in both large and small areas. Whilst you might not find a gazebo made from rattan, you can purchase one in the same fabric that the upholstery on your rattan furniture is made from, tying together the decor in a subtle and unobtrusive way.

Why rattan?

While it’s true that you could find much of the above types of furniture in other materials, such as wood, you wouldn’t be able to benefit from the same unique mix of features that rattan offers. As mentioned above, rattan is extremely lightweight and being wrapped around an aluminium frame means that it has a sturdy, yet equally light, core. The net result is a piece of furniture which is amongst the strongest you can buy which is reliable, tough and will last a very long time. Unlike other materials, rattan can be left outside and won’t degrade, so if you have an issue over storage, you need not worry. Snow, ice and cold conditions won’t crack rattan and hot weather won’t warp it, unlike timber or wood veneer. rattan close up

Rely on rattan for its strength

It’s a very complementary type of material for the garden too, even though the rattan may be synthetic, its colours are natural in appearance and work well with plants and shrubs. If you’re investing in event furniture you will want it to last and won’t want to spend a long time on its upkeep; rattan is surprisingly low maintenance and even with the smallest amount of attention will stay in excellent condition for long periods of time. Conclusion At any event you will want your furniture to look its best and rattan is the perfect material to help you create a stylish and sophisticated setting. Whether it’s a casual affair for friends or something more formal for acquaintances, rattan furniture offers a huge range to select from, allowing you to create the right ambience for your event.

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