Much to the surprise of many our new rattan cube sofa set is one of this years best sellers. There was much debate when the rattan cube sofa set was first mentioned for the 2012 summer season and there were a few doubting voices when it came to predicting sales. These doubters have now been well and truly blown out of the water as sales have been phenomenal. At one point a few weeks ago we had completely sold out of stock and this is in the middle of the wettest May in recent history!

We are now fully stocked again and the sales just keep coming in. When you look at the rattan cube sofa suite it is difficult now to see why anyone ever doubted it's potential. It combines our two greatest sellers. The rattan cube and the Manuka sofa suite. In the case of the rattan cube sofa you can have the best of both worlds. You get two, two seater sofas as well as four footstools and of course the table to sit in the middle. With the rattan cube sofa set you can get away with not having to purchase both a sofa set and a table and chairs set.

As I said at this moment we are fully stocked but they do not seem to hang around for long so let us know if you want us to reserve a suite for you. I say we are fully stocked but to be honest the black rattan is already running a little low. If however you prefer the brown rattan you should be fine for a least a few more weeks. As ever I would recommend that you purchase sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.