Often the main features of the living area, sofas are an important piece of furniture to get right.

Style, comfort and durability are three of the main features that many homeowners will be looking for, with equal emphasis on each.  A sofa which is comfortable but looks ugly won’t last long and conversely, one which looks sophisticated but is hard and lumpy will equally soon fall out of favour.

A sofa which is soft yet supportive and delivers style and elegance, whilst also being long lasting, is what’s needed - surely that’s not too much to ask?

A material which delivers on all of those areas is rattan. More associated with use in the garden, rattan is also used in interior decor and is gradually acquiring a dedicated fan base thanks to its versatility, low maintenance and tough exterior.

But with so many sofa styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one which is right for your property. One particular shape which is very on trend right now is the corner set. This type of modular design is in demand, with sofas made from all types of material being ordered in this shape.

Rattan sofas also come as a corner set, delivering the same quality as a more traditional sofa style but as a modular corner set instead. Here’s a closer look at rattan corner sets and just what the benefits are of plumping for this very contemporary design.

corner set example

A stylish rattan corner set

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Right or left?

When you’re buying a sofa one of the first considerations you need to take into account is the dimensions: will it fit into your room? This is also the case with corner sets as well but there’s an extra factor to think about: right or left hand design?

Corner sofa sets are modular but don’t just fit together willy-nilly, each piece is designed to slot into its neighbour. When you purchase a corner sofa you need to consider which way round you want the design to face, and whether you want the perpendicular leg to be on the left or right hand side of the sofa.

Getting this aspect wrong will change the entire appearance of the sofa and could mean it doesn’t fit into your room at all. It’s not a factor which has to be considered when you buy a regular sofa yet it’s one of the most fundamental aspects for buying a corner set.


Although corner sofas primarily come in a square or rectangular shape, it’s only possible to purchase a design which is curved. These are typically less like a corner sofa than other models but fit very well into the space where the room is circular or curved.

All of the corner sofa sets can be used in the garden as well and although you may not have previously thought about the idea, a sofa in the garden which is weather resistant is the perfect place to crash out!

A decked area can be a convenient place to locate the sofa and if it’s a circular or curved space, a sofa with a similarly shaped design will fit far better.

The same principles apply for sofas which are going to be located indoors: choosing a shape which fits the most snugly along your walls will offer you the most in space saving design.

rattan sofa example

Rattan corner sofas can be used indoors or outdoors

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If you pick the right kind of shape, a corner sofa can actually make your room look far bigger and more spacious. Because this type of design sits more closely to the wall, and doesn’t waste the space behind it, by switching to a corner model, the room could really open up.

Without wasted inches behind the sofa or in the corner, the previously unused space can be bought into play, immediately delivering you a larger room - simply by changing the shape of your sofa!

Its simple tricks such as this which can make a real difference to the layout within a room, and can make it more spacious, easier to function or simply a more relaxing pale to be.

For smaller rooms or those where space is at a premium, considering this element very carefully is imperative.

More sociable

Have you ever tried to sit and have a conversation with someone seated on the same sofa as you? It’s an awkward experience which involves you either having to sit at a different angle than intended or else having to twist your neck.

A corner sofa set is instantly more sociable, creating a far more comfortable way to chat amongst friends. When seated next to each other, facing the same way, it can be far trickier to hold a conversation or socialise.

A corner set allows people to sit at different angles to each other, meaning that even if you’re all sat on the same sofa, you will be able to hold a conversation without scrunching up your neck and shoulders.

Comfier design

A sofa is at the heart of the living area and might be used for lots of different purposes: having a brief sit down between tasks, a place to curl up and enjoy a good book or somewhere to flake out on when it all gets too much.

A corner sofa provides the space to stretch out properly without stopping other people from sitting down too. And if you want an afternoon nap, there’s much more room to relax and get a proper sleep!

As a piece of furniture which is used more or less constantly, having a bigger space and a comfy design is absolutely vital.

Versatile seating

As corner sets are bigger than other types of sofa, they often get a reputation for being big and clunky. But just because they are bigger doesn’t mean they aren’t as versatile; it’s possible to create lots of different type design and bit in more spaces.

Their unusual shape means that they can be used to help create more private areas within the group setting. For example, the perpendicular leg can section off an area of the living room creating a small study area or a den.

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Rattan corner sets offer very flexible seating designs

They’re also great for open plan living as they can act as a ‘wall’ creating more specified areas and sectioning off parts of the space.

Corner sofas work for both big and small rooms; in more compact areas, they can fill an entire wall, creating an impression of coziness. Picking the right design so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space is vital though.

Many types of corner set also come along with their own free foot stool. Completed in the same colour and material and typically attached to the end of the sofa, this can be used as an extra area of seating if required.

Think colour

As corner sofas are typically bigger than more traditional armchairs and settees, the impact on the room can be far greater.

You therefore need to consider whether the colour that you pick will be too much for the size of your room. If you have a fairly spacious room, you can opt for a sofa which is more brightly coloured without it appearing to dominate too much. If on the other hand your room is smaller, opting for more neutral tones can be a much better idea.

Rattan sofas typically come with soft muted tones such as soft greys, beiges and ecru so this could be the best choice to provide the right colour scheme.

Another good reason to buy a more neutrally coloured sofa is that trends come and go, and if you buy a sofa that’s very ‘now’ you could end up regretting it when it quickly goes out of fashion. Neutral colours are classic and never really go in or out of fashion, making them the perfect choice for a big investment such as a sofa.

Check your measurements

If you haven’t had a corner sofa in your lounge before, make sure that you understand the dimensions of the model you are planning on buying; it can be difficult to really appreciate just how large some sofas are until it’s too late.

For some people using pieces of paper to mark out the footprint of the new sofa can be really helpful. This shows you exactly how far out the new sofa will be. Now imagine living with this every day: does it get on your nerves? Is there part of the sofa which gets in the way every time you go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea?

It’s guaranteed that if there’s any part of the layout that’s irritating now, it will get even more so as time passes and frustrations with the sofa will grow. Does one part stick out and get in the way of your route to the kitchen? Are there any doorways or stairwells which are partially blocked? Don’t be tempted to ignore these kinds of problems as it will quickly start to grind on your nerves once the sofa is in place. 

Rattan material

Having determined for certain that you’d like a corner sofa, and the rough size that would work in your house, you then have to decide on the material.

There are corner sofas made in all kinds in traditional materials and the choice really is up to you. However, rattan is a material which is durable and strong and will perform far better than many of the other possible options.

Rattan is renowned for being weather resistant in the garden and this same tough surface is great for indoors too. Being stain resistant it’s extremely practical; you don't need to worry about the frame getting stained by spillages or accidents. These can just be wiped up without a problem.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 14.51.29

The upholstery and cushions should have zipper off covers so if they get splattered or even just start to look a bit grubby, they can easily be removed and placed in the washing machine.

Although rattan is lightweight - which means the furniture can be moved around the living room far more easily if you change your seating plan! - It’s also very strong. It’s one of the sturdiest substances that you can pick for a sofa and if you have children or pets, it’s an almost essential choice.

Keeping your sofa clean will be another priority but with rattan it takes barely any work. A quick wipe over with a soft, damp cloth is all that’s needed from time to time to help remove surface crime and dirt. Dust can build up in the cracks so a quick whizz over with the nozzle attachment on the hoover periodically will help to remove this. If allowed to continue to accumulate it can be difficult to remove. You don’t need any expensive creams or sprays; a spot of warm water and a soft cloth is all that’s needed.

A modern solution

Rattan corner sofas are a very contemporary choice for seating but they provide style, comfort and durability, making them difficult to surpass for quality and convenience.

Although they are called ‘corner’ sofas, they are more versatile than their name suggests and it’s possible to place them in the centre of the room if the dimensions are generous enough, creating a natural divide between different areas.

When pushed up against a wall they eliminate any wastage of space, freeing up valuable inches and making a room look far bigger than before.

The design of corner sofas means there’s enough room for several people to sit together to watch TV, making it a great option for families but it’s intimate enough for a couple to snuggle up on together.

rattan  corner set outside on decking

The modular design means that despite their overall large size, they can be much easier to fit through doorways to assemble and with designs that have a removable foot stool, there’s flexibility over the eventual dimensions too.

Added to this the undoubted benefits of rattan strength, natural beauty and durability and you have a sofa which is bang on trend but still offers classic styling too. A simply unbeatable combination.

Image Credits: Nova Ross and Maureen Jones