Rattan Chairs

Whether it’s to relax at the end of a hard day, to take a break and enjoy a cuppa, or to sit and chat with friends and family, chairs play a big part in everyday life. Rattan chairs are amongst the most durable and long-lasting, and offer a classy elegance too. We take a closer look at the types of rattan chairs which are available and how you could fit them into your life.

Dining chairs

Whether you are dining alone or having a sociable dinner with friends, a comfortable chair is a must-have for you to enjoy your meal. If you have a dining room, a rattan table and chairs can provide a very contemporary type of decor, as well as practical functionality too. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.40.12

Rattan table and chairs available from our range

Having some support for your back when you’re eating is often a good idea, and there’s a range of different styles of dining chairs that can provide this. Tub chairs offer a slightly more casual style whilst spacious winged dining chairs provide extra space and a more formal type of decor. As well as single chairs, there’s more communal-style seating as well, with 2 and 3-seater benches which fit round a circular table. A very sociable style of eating, bench chairs look great in the garden for a spot of al fresco dining. One of the biggest benefits of rattan is that it looks good indoors or out; all of these tables and chairs would suit both dining rooms and meals outside on the decking. Of course, it’s not always warm enough to eat outside all year round, although you could use an accessory such as a patio heater to help warm you up. All of the rattan dining chairs are of a comfortable size and you won’t want to rush away from the table. If you’re just looking to take the weight off your feet for five minutes, or to grab a cup of coffee, a bistro set can be an alternative type of seating design. A very European style of decoration, a bistro set usually has just two chairs, creating an intimate setting designed for either one or two people.

Corner seating

For the ultimate in relaxation, it’s difficult to beat a rattan corner sofa, offering the chance to not just sit down, but stretch out in total comfort. An L-shaped design, a corner sofa fits - as the name suggests - into the corner of a room, swallowing up those unused inches and providing lots of seating in a very economical way. corner seating

Corner seating is very popular

Corner seating has got a reputation for being large and difficult to squeeze in but as well as the bigger models; there are plenty of more compact units too. This will obviously fit less people onto it but if you don’t have the space for a larger corner sofa and want this type of design, this can be a good choice. Although traditionally in an L-shape fitting into an oblong design, not all sofa designers have created a brand that conforms to this stereotype. Curved models with a gently arching back offer another big area to spread out on, offering a different kind of space on which you can sprawl out on. Corner sofas are an excellent choice for lounge and living areas indoors, because they provide a sociable space for everyone to sit and chat. For this reason, they also are a great option for the garden, and because they’re made from rattan, there are no worries about the weather damaging the material. Just simply store the cushions away when not in use and you can leave the frame outside as it’s both UV resistant and weather resistant too. All of the corner sofa chairs have deep plush cushions and padded backs so you’ll be comfortable whatever design you choose. From large angular models to sweeping curves, rattan corner sofas look elegant and offer the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Cube chairs

If space is at a premium, then cube chairs are a very versatile option, flipping open to provide smart seating which slides away for easy storage. With tables and chairs, very often it’s not the room they take up when they’re in use which is the problem, but the way they jut out and claim spare inches even when they’re not being used. rattan set

Cube seating like in this corner sofa set are an option to consider

Cube sets address this issue beautifully by creating a table and chairs which is spacious and generous when folded out, but slots away to a small and compact unit which doesn’t protrude or gobble up the surrounding air. The chair backs flip down which allow the bases to be slid under the table, while foot stools - which provide an extra type of seating if needed, are low enough to fit precisely under the chair seat. The end result is a neat cube which only takes up the same space as the surface of the table, with no awkward corners or chair arms to watch out for. This cube can easily be slid out of the way and pulled out when the table and chairs are needed.


As well as corner arrangements, rattan chairs also come as part of more conventional sofa sets too. These typically include a combination of sofa and armchairs, either two or three seaters. Pick from a variety: from square, boxy armchairs to high wingback chairs in a more traditional style, there’s lots of choice to suit every type of decor. rattan corner

A rattan sofa set

As well as the natural colour, there’s a range of other colours such as slate grey and warm browns so you can opt for a different hue that better fits with your decor, if you prefer. Although some of the sofas and chairs are described as for the garden, they would work just as well inside the home. All of the all-weather rattan furniture is suitable for indoors use, other than the models which are exclusively for garden activities, such as sun loungers. This provides you with a great deal of versatility when deciding upon the rattan chairs you want, allowing you to create the right seating arrangement for your home or garden. Some sofa sets some with an extra foot stool which can transform a standard sofa into a reclining model, but if it’s not used for this purpose, it can be used as an extra chair instead.

Loungers and garden chairs

If the weather is good then there’s no greater indulgence than enjoying an afternoon lazing under the sun’s warm rays. You could use a day bed, or even sit at a table, but if you want to relax in the proper manner, a sun lounger or garden chair is what’s needed. Rattan sun loungers are typically purchased either singly or in pairs and offer clean, contemporary colours and fresh, sharp lines. With a rattan base and thick padded cushion, they provide a comfortable place to relax in the sunshine

. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.44.09

Relax in the garden with rattan loungers

Some sun loungers come with a matching coffee table; you might not think you need it but it’s a useful extra to rest your drink, phone or even your book on. There’s nothing more irritating than being interrupted and losing exactly what page you were on! Rattan is an excellent choice for sun loungers because it offers a lightweight material which is still sturdy and strong. This means it can be moved around the garden to get in exactly the right position for the sun’s rays, either to avoid them or to ensure that you’re directly under them! There’s no worries about getting too hot because the covers to the sun lounger cushions simply zipper off, meaning they can easily be freshened up by rinsing them through in the washing machine; there’s no need for expensive dry cleaning. Exclusively for use in the garden, rattan sun loungers just need that one vital component to create the perfect relaxing afternoon: the sun!

Day beds

A very modern solution, day beds are one of the most comfortable types of chair possible, giving you the choice of either sitting with a friend or loved one, or starfish-ing out to claim the entire space for yourself! Day beds are undeniably a more casual type of seating arrangement so you might not want them in your lounge as your main chairs for guests. They would work perfectly in a den, or a conservatory or other room where the mood is likely to be exclusively casual. If you have a teenager with a large bedroom, a day bed is the perfect hang out for friends who come to visit. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 15.44.58

A rattan daybed is a very versatile option

However, day beds are a type of chair that most definitely works just as well in the garden as in the home; where you choose to use it is entirely up to you. Picture a barbecue with lots of friends and family: a day bed would fit in perfectly with this kind of activity. Like all other kinds of rattan chairs, as long as you remove the cushions when not in use, the day bed can be stored outside without any problems, no matter what the weather is doing. Some daybeds are better suited to the garden than in the house; those with a roof are designed exclusively for use outside. These offer a hideaway, a retreat from the craziness of the world, whether you curl up with a book on your own or invite a loved one to snuggle up and watch the clouds drift by. There’s a variety of different shapes, some with a double entry while others are more secluded, with just one entry point at the front.


Rattan is a material which is strong, tough and long lasting and as such it’s the perfect choice for furniture both indoors and out. The subtle use of colour and texture lends a classy appeal which is timeless and elegant. But although it’s important for chairs to be visually appealing, it’s arguably even more essential that they’re comfortable to sit on. Rattan chairs come with deep, plush cushions that guarantee the most relaxing and restful experience. You won’t sink so deep into the depths that you’ll struggle to get up; instead, the chair will gently support you whilst yielding slightly to give you a soft and squishy surface to settle into. Each rattan chair is painstakingly made, with the intricate weave wrapped over the aluminium base to create a sturdy frame which will last for many years. An investment in quality, rattan chairs work out as an extremely economical choice when you factor in the length of time they will last. The handiwork that goes into making each chair pays dividends, and the quality of the workmanship is clear to see. Rattan chairs look great both in the garden and in the home; although there are some designs which are better suited to one environment than the other, such as certain types of day bed and rattan loungers.

However, for those designs that are more flexible, rattan chairs can be used all over the house, in every room as well as in the garden. In the lounge, rattan sofas are a stylish type of seating arrangement and if you have space for a corner sofa, you could utilise those wasted inches at the edges of the room. In the bedrooms, rattan chairs provide an extra seat, a chance to sit and relax before heading out into the world. For children, a rattan chair in their bedroom provides a place to sit and read stories, or else watch over them when they aren’t well. And in the bathroom, because rattan is impervious to humidity and moisture, it can be used as a place to put your clean clothes whilst you jump in the shower! Rattan chairs have a multitude of uses wherever you are in the home, and with their stylish good looks and sumptuous depths, they’re a top choice for home furnishings.