Rattan calendar - uses of rattan throughout the year! A material for all seasons, rattan furniture can be used throughout the year in a variety of different ways around the home. Rattan furniture can play a pivotal role in your home during every month of the year, helping you to enjoy the heat of the summer sun as well as the coziness of the dark winter nights. We take a cheeky look at the rattan calendar and how this incredible material could become a much-loved resource in your home throughout the year.

January is for….chairs

As the calendar year begins, it’s the middle of the winter in the UK and being right after Christmas most people are financially stretched. That means that this month, it’s all about enjoying some time at home and with the cold winter air, what better treat than to pamper yourself to a long luxurious bath? Let those bubbles rehydrate tired skin and the warm water soothe away the stresses and strains. Set some time aside to enjoy your bath when you know you won’t be interrupted and you don’t have to dash off anywhere. rattan chairs

January is for rattan chairs

Image Source Rattan is a material which doesn’t mind the damp so make sure your bathroom features a rattan chair. This is a useful place to lay your clothes, or your fluffy bathrobe and when you get out, you won’t need to perch uncomfortably on the corner of the bath, you can relax back in your rattan chair and smooth moisturiser onto your skin. Make January all about pampering yourself and ensure you have a big comfy rattan chair ready to relax into.

February is for…planters

Although it’s probably still very cold outside, it’s time to start seriously thinking about making plans for your garden in the summer months. You may well already have some bulbs in place but it’s time to get those rattan planters out and full of bulbs for the season ahead. Think what colours will match the colour of the rattan and opt for early flowering plants and shrubs so your garden bursts into life sooner rather than later.

March is for…storage boxes

If you’re green fingered you will probably be very busy in your garden this month, getting it ready as the warm weather approaches and the evenings start to grow lighter. You could be planting new shrubs, bulbs or seeds, or even tending to your vegetable garden, whilst carrying out essential tasks such as weeding, trimming and mowing. To keep on top of everything you’ll inevitably need a range of tools and equipment and what better place to store your tools than in a rattan storage box? rattan basket

Don’t forget to buy a rattan storage box in March

Perfectly protected from the elements, but conveniently on hand for when you need it, you don’t need to keep your rattan storage boxes just to hold your upholstery!

April is for…accessories

As Easter comes and goes, you may well have enjoyed one of your first al fresco meals of the year if Britain is enjoying a bout of early spring sunshine. And while your table and chairs may be drawing all the attention, it’s the little details which will really set off your dining set in style. On the table a rattan Lazy Susan is a classy accessory which will make your dining ware really stand out, whilst rattan coasters and placemats are small touches which will make the difference.

May is for…bistro sets

By now, the chances are that the weather is quite warm, at least on some days, and having a rattan bistro set is the perfect place to go and enjoy either a coffee or a long, cool drink outside. Whether you have the afternoon to yourself, are just grabbing a break for five minutes, or are relaxing over a bite to eat with friends, a rattan bistro set is comfortable yet practical too. Even a small garden has room for a little bistro set and you could even have this in addition to a full sized rattan table and chairs if your garden is of generous proportions. You could opt to set the rattan bistro table and chairs on the decking or patio area, or you could have it buried in the depths of your garden, giving you the chance to admire the sights and scents of your flowers in full bloom. Because a bistro set takes up so little space you won’t need to worry about it getting in the way and can easily leave it up all year round, without impacting on the rest of your garden. If all you have is a little courtyard garden, a rattan bistro table and chairs will add a touch of style to your small space, making it functional and pretty too.

June is for…rattan loungers

June is the real start of summer and as the whole of Britain prays for a heat wave, you should get your rattan sun lounger at the ready. Rattan is the perfect material for hot days as it will ensure you don’t just feel comfortable, you won’t overheat or get too sweaty either. free cover included

Rattan loungers from our range are ideal for a June purchase

Plastic is a lightweight material that’s very easy to pick up and put down, but in warm weather you’ll find yourself sticking to the chair and peeling your legs off hot plastic. Metal doesn’t have the same problem but if it’s been in the sun for too long, you’ll be at risk of scorching yourself! Metal gets very hot when in direct sunlight which makes it unsuitable as a material for sun loungers. With a sturdy rattan base and deep plush upholstery, you’ll find the sun lounger is not just stylish to look at, but incredibly comfortable too. And with its waterproof qualities too, if any cheeky younger brothers or members of the family decide to sneak up on you to start a water fight, you won’t have to worry about your sun lounger being ruined….just your hairstyle!

July is for…day beds

As the temperature rises you may well want to enjoy the fresh air but without the risk of getting sunburnt so why not take shelter in a sophisticated rattan day bed? Available both with and without a roof, there’s a variety of daybeds to stretch out and relax on. If you’ve got sensitive skin, or the temperature is sizzling, choose a rattan daybed with a roof for the ultimate place to enjoy some shade; the ideal place to curl up with a good book. The daybeds without a roof are a very social space, whether it’s for the whole family to lounge around together, friends to gather and chat or just for you to starfish and claim the whole of it for yourself!

August is for…parasols

In theory the hottest month of the year, there’s no need to stay indoors if you want to protect your skin. parasol Don’t forget to buy a parasol The rattan parasols are made in the same material as the upholstery so complement your rattan furniture to perfection, creating a highly elegant and chic garden decor.

September is for…patio heaters

As the nights start to get a bit chillier and the sun sets that little earlier, there’s no mistaking the swan song of summer. If you’re lucky you might be able to enjoy a late surge of warmth, bringing unseasonably hot days throughout September. But it’s at night-time that you’ll really begin to notice the difference and sitting outside will no longer be possible without adding a few layers to keep warm. A patio heater is a great addition to any garden as they can make it practical to stay outside far later in the year, helping you to get more use out of your outside space for more months in the year. Unfortunately, some patio heaters can look rather ugly, forcing owners to choose between keeping warm and style. It is possible however to find patio heaters that not only give off some much-needed heat, but also look great too, thanks to a rattan trim. Available in both table-top and full length designs, the rattan base can make the heater look like a stylish accessory, rather than the functional piece of equipment that it really is.

October is for…sofas

When October rolls around, the mornings will be frosty and the night’s dark and cold so some quality time with your rattan sofa indoors is long overdue. The summer may be well and truly over for another year but you can enjoy snuggling up on your sofa indoors and reading a good book, watching some films or just chatting with good company. sofas An investment in a rattan sofa is a wise October purchase! Rattan sofas are robust enough to endure use every day and will remain looking great long after they’ve been bought. A low maintenance option, they’re easy to take care of and are one of the hottest trends for 2015 and beyond.

November is for…corner sets

Although the nights might be cold, who can resist the thrill of Bonfire Night and enjoying the spectacle of fireworks lighting up the night sky? Throw a Bonfire Night party in style and make use of your outdoors furniture, so your guests can ooh and aah at the firework display that you put on. Go for maximum impact by creating a big bonfire too and invite your guests to enjoy a freshly cooked jacket potato or gooey marshmallow from its smoky depths. A corner sofa can fit lots of guests on together so it’s the perfect piece of rattan furniture for everyone to get comfy while they’re watching the fireworks. And of course, with so many people snuggled up together, there’s no chance of getting cold either!

December is for…tables

There’s no doubt what December is all about; the festive season dominates everything. Although the weather may be chilly - and you may even see some snow - there’s no reason to worry about your rattan furniture. As long as your upholstery is safely protected in a storage box, you won’t need to worry about the effects of the weather on your rattan outside in the garden. Meanwhile in the house, Christmas is all about eating, drinking and being merry and sharing festive food with your loved ones is a tradition in many families. Tables with Rattan chairs are ideal for your Christmas dinner rattan decorated tables Image Source During the year it’s often too easy to simply grab a snack on the go, or force down a rushed meal rather than sitting down at the table together as a family. At Christmas it’s often the whole extended family that sits and enjoys a meal all at the table together, so why not make sure you eat in style by choosing a rattan model? Rattan tables can fit in well with both traditional and contemporary design so regardless what decor you choose; rattan will suit your style. Rattan tables come in all sizes too so whether you need a compact dinner space for four or an extensive plateau capable of seating ten or more, you’ll be able to find a rattan table for your room.


The uses for rattan are virtually limitless and the above 12 suggestions are just a few of the ways that it could play a part in your home throughout the year. As a material which is totally unique, rattan brings many qualities which can’t be found elsewhere. Why not opt for rattan furniture and be certain of filling your home with some of the hottest new looks for 2015 ?

Image Credits: H A M and Pip Poole