The weather here in Buckinghamshire can only be described as changeable but sales in our rattan garden furniture are very much still full steam ahead.  It was pouring down this morning when I dropped my 6 year old off at school after what seems like the longest Easter holiday in history.  I have arrived at work and now the weather is bright sunshine. I guess this is the April showers that my Granny used to talk about. To say we are happy to see the kids back at school would be an understatement. As my mum used to say about guest that came to stay with us, “it’s lovely to see them and its lovely to see them go!” Obviously in the case of our little ones it is more a case of happy to see them going back to school to soak up the knowledge and not just a case of happy to get them out from under our feet! Honest. We are flat out trying to fulfill as many rattan furniture sales as we can and everyone is on overtime at the moment. To make matters worse our 4 year old was sick yesterday and so can’t go back to his pre school for another couple of days! I think Zoe is going stir crazy. Despite this period of holiday the Zebrano rattan business is proving to be a well oiled machine this year with our systems coping well with the huge demand. A huge thank you should go to Amanda and Judy in the office as well as Pip and Ned (and all the drivers) at our distribution office. Without everyone puling together this time of year would be a nightmare.  I’ll be back soon with some stock updates.