The Queen has expressed her commendation to the athletes and other participants to the London 2012 for their dedication, personal sacrifice and hard work. She added that the holding of the Olympics has served as inspiration to the children and communities. Indeed, the London 2012 is such a huge event that all people involved truly exerted their utmost sacrifice just to succeed. I have been following the updates to Olympics since I am a diehard sports enthusiast. I wake up thinking of rattan garden furniture and nearly always go to bed thinking of yet more rattan furniture but in between time I squeeze in as much sport as I can.  Aside from the Queen’s hailing of the Olympics participants, there are other developments to the world event. I just hope problems with security are solved through the replacement of security guards from G4S with 500 local security staff companies. Also the Army are being drafted in!  Aside from that, the famous cyclist Chris Hoy has been picked to carry the flag for GB Team during the Olympics opening ceremony where US First Lady Michelle Obama was said to be attending.  I think this is great as Chris Hoy is a legend in my book.  I believe he is only involved in the team events this time round which was a shame as I would have loved to see him get more individual gold’s.  It shows you the strength in depth of talent in the GB cyclists if Chris Hoy can’t get in the individual events. The sun is shining brightly for the Olympics and I hope the good weather stays all through the games.  Normally I am praying for good weather for my own benefit as clearly it helps with our rattan furniture business but for once I am also praying for good weather for the greater good!  Like the Queen, I would also want the athletes to know that their efforts not only inspire others but challenge them to do the best in everything they engage in.  I think I may break out in song if I go on any more!  ‘Land of hope and Glory’ anyone??