Amazing colorful scenes, the beautiful natural composition of red and brown leaves, have started disappearing, marking the last days of summer. The daylight fades away, having its rest behind the thickening blanket of white cloud. The decreasing temperature and the first snow falls on hillside have whispered: it is now the time to move the clock back to winter. The UK is soon becoming the land of the falling snow.   “No need to worry about your cube rattan furniture”,  I keep on saying so. Even one of our customer said that the suit had been on the decking all last winter with no cover and still looked as good as new after the season. We never really know about what “Mother Nature” might have for us through the coming winter days, but we could offer you this fine winter cover that will protects your suite from any debris and bird mess. The covers are designed specifically to fit each specification of the rattan garden cube. We even make them freely available for the following suite: •    Rattan Garden Cube Set •    Rattan Garden Cube Set with Footstools •    Hamilton Rattan Cube Set •    Large Rattan Garden Cube Set with 4 Footstools •    Large Rattan Garden Cube Set with 6 Footstools To view all of the above cube sets click here. All these furniture is so comfortable and looks so stylist. These models are the most popular sets of Rattan Garden Furniture within our range. I am really convinced that your families and friends will also like it. The design is so brilliant that it would enable you to store the set easily without taking too much space. Meanwhile, the available cover would protect them brilliantly to ensure they would stand outside through even extreme weather and would remain looking great. We really care to our products design and quality, and making the well-suit winter cover available to protect them is indeed part of our responsibility. You will see how the quality of these rattan products will prevail through the seasons. As the winter is already coming, it’s now the last time to re-check our preparedness to get ready to what’s to come. Be winter-wise! Author